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Dear Ones,

We've been living in an alternate universe for the past two years, give or take a few months. For me, the initial lock down came about a week before my 75th birthday, the party already planned. Our yearly pilgrimage to Peaceful Bakery here in Austin was already planned. Invites went out, rsvps came in. My friends Jihad and Naha were expecting us in their middle eastern restaurant.

And then, the City of Denton shut down our 35th Annual Storytelling Festival and as ...

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All Paths Divinity School

There are times when you receive an email, have a phone call and just know a special connection with a kindred spirit. As Board Chair, one of the many highlights of the work I do is talk with other seminaries, spiritual organizations, reciprocal partners and potential members to World AWAKE.

I was so blessed to have a talk on the phone last year with Rev. Debrah VanZyl, the ...

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Rev. Jody Breton

Shamanism is an ancient, multi-cultural practice of relational living and communication with benevolent spirit beings that reside within ordinary and non - ordinary realms of existence. The spirits of all beings, including those of our ancestors, offer guidance and wisdom in support of ourselves, individuals in the community and the world at large. Deeply founded within shamanism ...

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Natural Path in the Woods

I love antiques in general, and old photographs in particular.

Along one wall of our dining-room we have a dark cherry drop-leaf table, a mid-nineteenth century beauty passed down to us by my husband’s parents. It holds many photographs of his side of the family. My family members appear there, too, but in one of those digital frames which rotates through the ...

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Quantum Priestess Realm

QHHT, or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a unique form of hypnosis therapy created by Delores Cannon. She came across this technique by accident when her and her husband were doing Past Life Regressions, and people started skipping the past life and going into lives on other planets, with non-human beings speaking in the sessions. This is when Delores learned that we have ...

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