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Walk Out Into the Wild

Discussing climate change can stir strong opinions and, especially when considering what to do about it, can leave many people feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. It’s made me wonder if there might be a better way to approach this ubiquitous and increasingly foreboding topic.

Consider what Antoine de Saint Exupéry said, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up ...

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Wild and Free

Listen only with your heart

There is a song waiting just for you . . . your special song . . . waiting

And when you least expect it

it will quite suddenly find you

And leave you bursting open

Singing . . . Your love song

From a distant star


For thousands of years, holy men and women from indigenous cultures have gone out into nature ...

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Auriel Grace

Lord Melchizedek is one of my teachers, he helps me write these blogs and the Psychic Story Series Books. He assists me when I teach intuition classes. He helped me create the Automatic Writing Meditation on my website.

Who is he?

Lord Melchizedek is an ascended master, a Christ Being. What does that mean? The Christ Being is a soul who has completed their soul's journey and who ...

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Walking down a desolate undulating path of pumice and glass shards, each precarious step reminds that the old flow is alive. It breathes. Pele's limited hospitality greets with plumes of cumulous smoke, a confetti mixture of boulders, lava and sulphuric spray. This mixture is tossed to over one hundred feet and carried by the tropical winds as a greeting card in all directions. Yet each guest arrives with ...

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Considering a Course in Miracles

The story of how the Course In Miracles came to be is as profound as the Course itself. Rather than writing it's fascinating and unfolding here, I would recommend looking online for the many versions. There are two books that I'd suggest reading:"Absence From Felicity" by Kenneth Wapnik ... lengthy but the story is amazing. And "Love Is Letting Go Of Fear" by Gerald Jampolsky. A classic and such a spiritual book but I don't believe ...

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