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Auriel Grace

Lord Melchizedek is one of my teachers, he helps me write these blogs and the Psychic Story Series Books. He assists me when I teach intuition classes. He helped me create the Automatic Writing Meditation on my website.

Who is he?

Lord Melchizedek is an ascended master, a Christ Being. What does that mean? The Christ Being is a soul who has completed their soul's journey and who ...

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Angelic Invocations Book Cover

Do you remember when you were a young child laying in the grass, looking up at the clouds? I remember those days and I still enjoy looking up now. Are they just clouds or are there Angels in them? Warmth feels my heart when I look up and see an Angel above me!

I took my first photo of an Angel in the summer of 2008. This Angel filled the sky far and wide. I was ...

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Quantum Reiki

•  What is Quantum Reiki?

Quantum Reiki is a Reiki Modality that has branched out from the traditional Mikao Usui Reiki with even stronger results. This is a form of traditional Reiki combined with the Collective Frequency of the Quantum Energy Field.

•  What inspired me to become a Quantum Reiki Master?

I knew from a young age I had a special way with people. I easily ...

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