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A Request to Interject Peace

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Monts├ęgur, France

Hello, my new colleagues and friends,

I am distraught over the circumstances that we find our country wielding around its streets. Violence equaled or surpassed with more force, a blatant disregard for property, rights, and human safety, much less any respect for each other. For a few days, I have been profoundly searching for an ACTION, which would break the over week-long vicious cycle.

What kind of impact would a message sent by willing members by email to their respective State Governors, which asks them to have all the police and or National Guard, who stand in the barrier lines, sing Amazing Grace?

When the demonstrations give off the energy that they were soon becoming violent riots, hearing that song sung by the police would surprise the demonstrators, It will shift the atmosphere, and perhaps the demonstrators would join in the singing. The potential looters would either participate in the signing or have their ulterior motives diverted. I have emailed Governor Cuomo and plan on emailing The Governor of Arizona.

Respectfully, Rev. Jacquelyn Griffin
Rev. Jacquelyn Griffin

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