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Angels All Around Us

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Angelic Invocations Book Cover

Do you remember when you were a young child laying in the grass, looking up at the clouds? I remember those days and I still enjoy looking up now. Are they just clouds or are there Angels in them? Warmth feels my heart when I look up and see an Angel above me!

I took my first photo of an Angel in the summer of 2008. This Angel filled the sky far and wide. I was so honored and grateful for this experience. It was like God was reminding me to look up again! Eight more years had passed by before I took another Angel photo.

Archangel Gabriel was the Angel who I saw next. As the messenger, I find him to be very majestic. Then two months later, my beautiful guardian Angel Elizabeth, Mother to John the Baptist, appeared. I then asked God for permission to continue taking photos of the Angels in the clouds.

We should always ask God to have his Angels here to assist us. We must give the Angels permission to assist, guide, and bring comfort in our lives. Ask the Angels their names, and welcome them in your life! Appreciate the knowledge in knowing that you will never be alone.

It is with all my hopes and dreams that everyone loves God’s Angels. May 2022 be filled with good health, prosperity and love for self and each other. May all your dreams and wishes come true through God. Remember your inner child, look up and enjoy the clouds.

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Rebecca Leigh Kuhn

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