COVID-19 a Global Call to Humanity

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Following the Vision of Your Soul Leads to Discernment

Since the harmonic convergence, the focus of spiritual leaders has been to create a new reality for humanity. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to put this awareness into practice. Multidimensional awareness of higher consciousness is teetering. Currently, humanity mostly exist in third dimensional greed and narcissism of the lower mind. Meanwhile, COVID-19 is impacting us differently depending on our circumstances. Around the globe, non-essential businesses, colleges and schools are closing while long-awaited events are cancelled. No matter how tough it is, if you search your heart, you'll know that this is a temporary experience.

Challenging times are an invitation to search for the true meaning and purpose of our lives. Each person carries the sacred mission of their soul within. COVID-19 is giving us the opportunity to pay attention to the call of our souls -- which leads to discernment (or depression if you are living in denial of your soul). In this time of the global pandemic, soul-work is needed more than ever. This is an opportunity to evolve into an emerging collective level of unity consciousness. To infuse the world soul with the conscious awareness that is an awakened intelligence (not a lack of intelligence). This will allow humans to transcend their individuality, accelerating spiritual evolution.

As a spiritual alchemist, I sense the potential for consciousness flatlining in these chaotic times. If we are to serve humanity's evolution and transformation, we must take responsibility for our own awakening. This means for our awakening to become a reality, each of us must choose between love or fear in order to evolve into a higher spiritual consciousness. Either we choose to live from the false sense of lower consciousness, ego mind; or we choose to live from the enlightened higher heart mind or love. The ego-mind like a parasite feeds on fear (tune into the media and experience your vibration plummet); while the heart-mind gently holds you in the stillness of truth inside you with love. Nobody is exempt from choosing.

Here's the bottom line: either we bring forth a new state of personal and global awareness and consciousness or we risk the inevitable destruction of humanity and the Earth. This collective cataclysmic time can represent a major tuning point in human evolution, moving us from the gluttony of greed (the toilet paper metaphor), power, and capitalism, to the all- infusing love and unity of the omnipresent Divine Source/God. Such is our collective soul-work. An essential question is; are you choosing to respond from love? As world spiritual leaders we are being called into a higher conscious level of loving service. And we are not left to our own devices, there is much happening in the higher realms during this global pandemic.

An opportunity for you to evolve!

About a decade ago, I was initiated to facilitate spiritual seekers in contemplative processes. I distinctly recall feeling uncomfortable discussing one of the topics--the sacred. I told participants, "You are on your own to figure out what sacred means, because I don't get it." As spiritual leaders, we must be free to genuinely and authentically admit when we don't understand. What I have learned since is that anything that we fully experience will change us--what I discovered is that consciousness itself is sacred. Anything held in awakened consciousness becomes sacred, including our suffering, our work and the pandemic brought on by COVID-19. To find the vision of our soul, we need to let our feelings guide us emotionally and then sanctify our work in sacred unity consciousness.

One thing is clear our world systems are broken: we are killing our Earth, we are killing each other, and we are experiencing economic chaos that has brought unfathomable poverty.

When something is so deeply corrupted it can't be fixed, it must be dismantled and replaced from a new deeper spiritual purpose. The question is: Are you ready to let go of the corrupted stage of consciousness and give birth to a new world consciousness based on equality and justice for all? This can only happen if we respond from the deep place of the soul. To evolve we must accept the death of the old and birth the new, individually and collectively. We discover what needs to be birthed by asking questions like: Who am I? How am I experiencing this world crisis at all levels of my being? What did I incarnate here on earth at this time to do? Are we ready to acknowledge our mistakes? What gives me joy? What is the spiritual meaning of COVID-19? How is my heart breaking (the heart breaks in the presence of pain)? Where is God in this pandemic? What do I need to forgive? And most important, will your discovery of soul-work help you rise to the challenge of these demanding times to serve the new world soul?

May COVID-19's global call to humanity inspire you to a new reality: to unwrap your sacred soul's calling and gifts and to help awaken humanity's sacred unity consciousness rooted in love. As Emmanuel Kant said, "For peace to reign on Earth, humans must evolve into new beings who have learned to see the whole first."

© 2020 Rev. Dr. Tarasa B. Lovick, PhD

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