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Creating a New Paradigm for Healing

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Listening to Smile

Greetings Dear Ones,

I trust this message finds each of you well or at least doing your very best in these challenging times. Everyone has been challenged by this pandemic in different ways. It is causing each person to go deeper within for peace, yet many of us are still struggling to find such peace. Some are even asking will I ever experience it again?

Even before these times of challenges fell upon us, we at Reiki EnergetiX were being lead in a new direction. We were being lead by the hand to a new location and we were told to change our name as we saw the importance of assisting others to return to their core essence. What did this look like, how were we to help hold this space? We knew a change was needed and did not quite yet know what it was but we began the journey. We invested in many new wonderful healing tools such as bio-mats, various light tools and more. We were all ready to launch the Grand Opening of the newly evolved center and then suddenly ... THE UNIVERSE HAD ANOTHER PLAN! What were we to do? How were we to help? We sat with this energy of change that was tossed upon all. We witnessed the increased fear and anxiety, along with our sense of helplessness. In our deep prayer and meditation we were brought back to our very own Bare Essence - LOVE. We sat in many hours of self love and self care and suddenly our intuition started to unload messages of hope and direction. We were reminded we are all energy and all was "Spoken into existence" HMMMM SOUND! Yes, sound ... we knew it was time to dig out our old notes and see where they would lead, we knew somewhere deep within something magickal would be discovered. And that very magick unfolded in beautiful ways. The magick brought us back to our own personal healing journey and to reflect what helped us when we were frozen in fear and trauma. The power of LOVE.

Love is a frequency that dissolves fear, anger, anxiety, worry and so much more ... but how were we to get this message to each of you out there struggling with lower vibes keeping you from your very TRUE ESSENCE? Ah, it hit us in such a gentle way as we would peacefully go to sleep and hear birds at 3:00 am singing as if it was morning. What were they doing up? The artificial light from the street lights shined so bright their intuition had them naturally singing. Their sounds would carry across the silent night cutting through the darkness with joy. The answer unfolded on how we could reach those struggling. We knew our new center had to be able to reach all around the world. We were already doing that with the Distant Reiki Sessions with folks from Canada to Africa but what was missing? The singing birds helped us realize it was sound! We needed to bring HEALING FREQUENCIES to cut through the fears, anxiety and darkness so the healing waves of Reiki we were sending could reach a person more easily and the gentle shift of energies could and would bring healing comfort and spark the inner intuition in each individual. So we trusted our guidance in honoring right relations always and we found the magick of Ian Morris. Ian was a musician and man that healed himself of cancer and more with music. He was spreading this powerful healing tool around the world. We chose to team up with Ian to bring the packages we now offer people around the world to free them of pain, fear, anxiety and more. Restless nights and now nights filled with comforting healing sleep who embark on a healing journey with us. We were no longer stuck in a building to bring healing to help assist our clients. The power of Sound and the gentleness of Reiki was creating the perfect vibe for individuals who thought they were stuck, who could now shift into the comforting healing that was always their very own divine right!

Our Packages are simple and so affordable during these times. We were lead to offer huge markdowns for a limited time knowing the blessings of each individual raising their vibe would be far more blessing to us and this planet than the financial gain at this time as we continue to trust that Our Creator will continue to guide and watch over us providing for our needs in this time. We also knew we had to keep some form of energy exchange for each person to truly be blessed and have and hold value for their healing. Here are the packages we were lead to offer at this time:

Distant Reiki Session only: $8.88 minimum love offering
Distant Reiki Session: $4.44 minimum love offering with separate purchase of Listening to Smile album using DISCOUNT CODE: rockbe44
Distant Reiki Session with Phone Life Coach Session: $11.11 minimum love offering
There are many various Frequency Healing albums for your personal needs. We have arranged a 40% discount with Code: rockbe44 at

We are working on our new website for you which is at: where you can learn more about the services as more of site is completed. You can also find us at:

Sound Healing has been utilized in ancient times and is very effective. Ex: David playing the harp for King Saul to bring him peace. Reiki is an amazing healing art that brings the energy body back to balance so your own internal healer can restore calm, wisdom and more, by gently working with your energy field and chakra system. We also offer healing supplements to aid in the restoration of your bodies needs. These can be discussed to see what is best for you and your needs. We believe in working with the natural plants given to us when all possible. Restoring your bodies Frequency to the sacred divine level it was created to be for the highest good.

We would like to close with these words - may you return to your true essence and discover your own unique magick within. We are here to joyfully serve you.

Intuition always exists in you
It was there from the beginning
It is not man-made, nor does it need to be.
It is within you.
It is around you.
It is you.

There is no need to search for it.
You simply need to become aware of it.
Become aware that you are a spirit from God.

You are no longer asleep.
You are no longer dreaming.
You have come to see the truth.

The truth is
That you are a child of GOD
Shinning Brightly.
~ Masami Saionji

Let us at Bear Essence DBA Rockbe44 Help you restore this sacred divine truth within. Much healing love to each of you.

We have include some free tracks for you to listen to for your healing at

Namaste - Rose Fier, RMT, RM

Rose Fier, RMT, RM

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