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Don't Look Backwards, Don't Look Forward

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Brenda Shoshanna

Listen to Your Best Self Podcast: Don't Look Backwards, Don't Look Forward.

Most of our time is spent looking either backwards or forwards, and in this way we become stuck.

We try to understand, complete or repeat the past. This keeps us frozen, unable to be present to what is available right now.Even though we miss this present moment, we dwell upon what could have been.

Or, we try to control and figure out every aspect of the future. It seems so important to be careful not to make the same mistakes again. But what's wrong with mistakes? If we don't fall down, we can't get up.

This wonderful step in releasing, tells us to come back from both the past and future and dwell in the moment, right here and now. This offers a way to stop the confusion and uproar within, and return to the present here all answers, healing and happiness are waiting for you.

"Love is wanting for the other,

What they want for themselves,

Even if you are not the one able to give it to them."

~ Virginia Lloyd

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