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Expressive Art Therapist

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The Great Grandmother Rocking Chair of Creation

Picture: The Great Grandmother Rocking Chair of Creation

I started my 35 years journey as a New Thought minister in the field of Expressive Art Therapy working with individuals who are living with both cognitive and physical disabilities. Art offers a voice for all. It is a language which is universal. It speaks to the visual aesthetics not tied by understanding a certain language. It visually bridges all cultures.

Expressive Art Therapy also enables me to connect universally the emotions within an individual's unique life of chronic pain. I have been living with a host of chronic pain generators for nearly forty years. Pain is universal, just as personal expression.

Throughout my ministry I have focused on individuals living with these two levels of disabilities. A question I often reflect on is how does a person who is limited with speech, cognitive impairment, physical challenges and a whole variety of both physical and mental challenges express they are hungry, tired, happy and very importantly, not feeling well? I know an individual who has both cognitive and emotional challenges who lives with fibromyalgia, as I do. She becomes frustrated when trying to express when she is in pain. Think about having a headache and not have the verbal skills to ask for an aspirin or even express you are in pain.

Through the use of Expressive Art Therapy the sense of self initiates this universal language which needs to be brought to our society's consciousness.

I, myself, use my art as my voice to express a life of severe chronic pain. I also keep the residents of Misericordia Home in Chicago, a fullcare, continuum health care setting for nearly 700 individuals, who I have had the honor of walking their journey and having them along on mine in my mission to break down these challenging barriers I have mentioned.

Art empowers with vivid individual strokes of color on the canvas of life which enables each one of us to be inspired by the artist in all.

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