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Interview with Rita Owen

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Rita Owen

We are so excited to have the first of what I hope will be many interviews of one of our members. I welcome Rita Owen, a Spiritual Coach and Angel Reader. Her passion has always been to help people get out of their own way. She is a firm believer that no matter what you have been through you can live an extraordinary life. Rita can channel messages from the Angels. Her spiritual gifts have allowed her to communicate with the other side to deliver messages to her clients. Rita is an Empath who uses all four of her spiritual senses to help you live powerfully.

She is a Reiki Master, Chios Practitioner, a certified Master Life Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner and Author. Rita uses her own life experiences to help people see a different perspective in their own lives.

Rita tells the story of her life in her book, "I am Finally Me." She speaks in a positive way about the path she has traveled in the hopes that it will help others find what they need to move forward with their lives.

So, without further ado, please welcome Rita Owen to AWAKEnings!

Rev. Linda:

Rita, it is so wonderful to have you as our first official interview on AWAKEnings. Could you tell us when you first were called to the work you do and how long you have been doing it?


I have always been called to do the work that I do, however, I never thought I was good enough to be the one helping people the way I do. I really started to notice when I worked for a Chiropractor about 13 years ago. I would work with the patients with exams and x-rays. The more I was with the patient the more they would share themselves with me. I would always give them advice that would show a different perspective to look at their current situation. By the time they left the clinic their attitude totally turned, and they walked out happier than they came in.

I have always been able to give good sound advice to my friends growing up ... I never knew it was coming from Spirit. Over the past 16 years it has gotten so strong, that I don't doubt that I am the right person for these wonderful gifts.

Rev. Linda:

I am intrigued by the fact that you connect with the Angels to help others. When did you know you could communicate with them?


In the last 20 years I have been doing a lot of self-development. Really looking at who I am and why my life is going in the direction it is. When I see Physic Mediums for readings...they are always telling me I should be doing this work, and I need to start listening. I have always attracted friends to me who are Physic Mediums ... When I started to really look and listen, I realized I have always had amazing Angels put in front of me to wake up and start doing what I was always meant to do.

In the past 10 years is when I really started communicating with my Angels and getting connected to the Angels of people I read.

Rev. Linda:

You have an impressive CV. How do all your accomplishments and trainings help you in the work you do now?


I have learned that nothing is really about me. It is all about who is in front of me and how I can help them. I have gone through a lot in my life; situations I put myself in, along with situations I had no control over. However, with all the work I have done on myself, I realized I am not broken, and that I have a lot to share to help other people see life is so much more that what is in front of us.

When I am working with my client's I know they were brought to me on purpose. I have no idea how a session is going to go, but then all this information comes out of me that only the person in front of me understands. It truly is amazing when I do this work. I have no ego about it, I feel the emotions of what is being delivered and I am able to relate to the client. It truly is magical.

Rev. Linda:

In your book, I Am Finally Me, you tell the story of how you got to where you are today. What is it that you hope readers will take from your journey?


I want the readers to look at their own life and see how they are reacting to their past. I want them to see that no matter what they have been through, it has made them who they are today, and they are so much stronger than they give themselves credit.

Everything is a lesson for us to learn and teach. We may not understand the experience in the moment of it happening; but when you can look back and look at everything as a whole, you start to see something different and you will start to heal and realize you are so much better than you have ever giving yourself credit.

There are a lot of hard situations people have been in, however, when you start to heal, you can start to see different perspectives that start to empower you, rather than debilitate you.

I want people to realize no matter what, they are amazing and more powerful than they know themselves to be.

Rev. Linda:

You mentioned that you are an Empath who uses all four of her spiritual senses to help others. What are those four spiritual senses and how did you learn to use them?


I have Claircognizant all-knowing sense. I always make the joke "brilliance always comes out of my mouth" when I am channeling. I always know what to say and when to say it, even if it's uncomfortable. I always come from a place of love and clear mind so the Angels can deliver the message through me. Plus, there I things that I know that I would have no way of knowing. It really is amazing.

I have Clairaudience sense. I can hear what is being said, also, when I am channeling or going to be channeling and it's soon, I get this high pitch ringing in my ear. When the ringing is high pitch in both my ears, someone is coming to me and I will be channeling very soon. It's almost like an alarm to get ready.

I have Clairvoyance sense. I can see things that I know is from Spirit and my Angels. I will see different flashes of color, that tells me which Angel is around. I have also seen actual Angels come through on occasion. I will see people from the corners of my eyes ... I will see faces most people would not imagine seeing them. I will also get a quick movie run through me that tells me to pay attention, along with in my dreams.

I have Clairsentience sense. I can feel spirit as well. I have been touched by spirit many times. The first time that I actually realized it, I was at work, working late...I kept hearing conversations, and no one was around...I had sat down to my computer and I was poked in my back. No human was in the room with me. Ever since then ... I feel my face, arm, hair, shoulder, back...get touched. It is amazing...when I ask for a hug, it's a warm sensation and you can feel the love. Amazing.

I have Clairalience sense. I can smell things that sometimes no one can smell. I will know who is around me for myself or my client with the smell that comes up. It truly is amazing.

Rev. Linda:

As an Empath you know that there is a need to protect yourself from negative energy and entities. What do you do to protect yourself?


That is a great question...I always ask for protection from my Angels along with wearing crystals, using oils...Also, I take Epsom Salt Baths...that also helps to release energy that is not mine. I also do a lot of sage smudging; it too will clear the energy.

When I notice a change in my attitude or behavior, I know I have taken on someone else's. I use the sage and salt bath technique. I watch out for different emotions that might creep up or even becoming very tired. Those are huge indicators I am taking on someone else's energy.

Rev. Linda:

Before we end, I must ask if there are plans for another book and if so, what might it be about?


Yes, there is plans for a second book. I am working on my book now ... It's called "Breaking the Chains. How I rewrote my past!" It goes a little deeper on how to look at the events in your life, and see it from a positive perspective, instead of a victim mentality. It helps you to see the bigger perspective instead of what is right in front of you.

When we start to be powerful in whatever it is that has happened, we can make great things happen in our lives. We become powerful and unstoppable. We start to see our value and change the lives around us.

When we come from a victim mentality, we think everything is happening to us and we can never catch a break. We hold onto our stories and relive them everyday in our daily lives.

I share how I had a victim mentality and was always in pain, depressed, sad...until I finally decided to be happy and powerful in my life. When I came from a powerful perspective, everything seemed to fall into place. I was able to share my experiences from a different perspective and help the people around me.

Rev. Linda:

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers of this blog interview?


No matter what it is that you have gone through, you can use that knowledge for good. You can empower yourself in ways you never thought was possible. You will become the leader you have always been destined for. Once you see the lesson, you can't unlearn it. If you choose to stay in the victim mentality, it a responsibility you have to take on and know you are the one who chose to stay stuck.

When I share parts of my story with people, they see how I have turned myself around, and want the same for themselves. That's when I know I am on track with my mission and my purpose in life.

I was a very sad, angry person. I wanted people to hurt as much as I felt I was hurt. However, I was always sick, and my life was falling apart. I started to take responsibility for myself and my actions...did the work on myself and life is amazing. I still go through tough times, however, how I am with it all is very powerful. People look at me and they are impressed and surprised I am so kind and loving. I share that I was not always that way, but I am grateful I turned my life around.

Rev. Linda:

Thank you for sharing your time, thoughts and story with us. Blessings!


Thank you for this amazing opportunity Rev. Linda. I am forever grateful to you!!! Blessings and Love!!!

For more information about Rita and her work, check out her website:

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