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Lord Melchizedek

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Auriel Grace

Lord Melchizedek is one of my teachers, he helps me write these blogs and the Psychic Story Series Books. He assists me when I teach intuition classes. He helped me create the Automatic Writing Meditation on my website.

Who is he?

Lord Melchizedek is an ascended master, a Christ Being. What does that mean? The Christ Being is a soul who has completed their soul's journey and who have ascended to the next level for their soul. They assist other souls with their ascension.

For those of you who need to place him within your religion here is an awesome video that can help you with that.

My experience with Lord Melchizedek is not religious, it is that of a student and teacher. Here is my story.

My friend, Mr. Bill needed some sacred tools made, he was going to Egypt to do some exploring. At the time I did not know who Lord Melchizedek was, I was aware of a guide who helped me when I make these types of tools, he wears purple robes.

While making these tools for Mr. Bill, another friend Chasteneyka asked me to go with her for her ordination into the Order of Melchizedek. I went.

I watched as she and about twelve others were ordained. The ordainment was a really beautiful ceremony. As I watched the ordainment, I 'saw' clairvoyantly what was in these people's energy fields and what was being cleared from them. I was intrigued. From what I 'saw' I knew these people were going to need help within the next six months with energetic support.

While I was making Mr. Bill's tools, he asked me if I wanted to be ordained as a Melchizedek priest with him. He offered to pay for my ordainment. I was hesitant as I had a lot going on at the time and didn't want to add more to what I was doing.

I asked the Creator to give me signs about receiving the ordainment.

At the time the internet was brand new and although there was information about metaphysics and spirituality, it was limited. I am a researcher, so I looked around to find information about Lord Melchizedek. I read the Keys of Enoch and tried to read the Urantia book. Ugh! I wasn't satisfied with my findings.

During this time I also was a vendor for a festival that moved daily down the James river in Virginia. I had several people I didn't know start talking to me about Lord Melchizedek. It was the Universe/Creator giving me the signs to go with Mr. Bill to be ordained.

I am ordained in the Order of Melchizedek, I decided to do this after learning the order accepts and honors all beliefs, that we are ordained to serve and minister all people. This is what truly resonated with me.

Lord Melchizedek calls all of us Spiritual Warriors, he sees us all as remarkable beings with unlimited talents and encourages us on our individual paths, whatever they may be. He is the Prince of Peace, The Great Teacher and more if you allow him into your heart he will give you great guidance and he will always support you in your efforts.

Sanctuary of the Beloved Inc - Daniel Chesbro, Reverend 5584 South Livonia Road Conesus, New York 14435-9583 716-346-9667

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As always, take care & keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace

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