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Prayer for When Life Turns Gray

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Vincent Van Gogh - Wheatfield Under Thunder Clouds

The sixth month of this pandemic is quickly ticking away. Along with it, there are many incidences of anger, hate and fear.

We as a whole must raise the consciousness of all to a higher vibration so that we can heal ourselves and the world around us. We must open our hearts to see the Light twinkling within the darkness. We must see that we are not alone, that we are all part of the Whole, and that “this too shall pass.”

Let us pray…

Blessed Creator of Light and Dark
hold our hand during this present storm...
We are afraid and in our fear withdraw from others
and from You...
Blessed Creator of Sun and Storm
wrap us in Your Presence...
We are filled with doubt but our spirits call out
to You...
Blessed Creator of all there is
open our eyes and hearts to see that behind the clouds
the sun still shines, just as, in the midst of calamity
You are always there.
Amen, Blessed be, Aho!

Rev. Linda M. Rhinehart Neas is an ordained interfaith minister, and a World Awake board member. She maintains an international online ministry through Facebook. Rev. Neas can be reached at and

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