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Quantum Reiki

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Quantum Reiki

•  What is Quantum Reiki?

Quantum Reiki is a Reiki Modality that has branched out from the traditional Mikao Usui Reiki with even stronger results. This is a form of traditional Reiki combined with the Collective Frequency of the Quantum Energy Field.

•  What inspired me to become a Quantum Reiki Master?

I knew from a young age I had a special way with people. I easily took charge and comforted those in need of comfort and unconditional love. I always felt pulled to help injured animals, those hurt at school on the playground, when my friends had their hearts broken over a "Crush" or a "Boyfriend". I was always empathic to their pain and wanted to soothe them in any way I could. Once I was older I found people were very drawn to me and I was always told I give the best hugs and had a way of making their day brighter.

Upon the beginning of my Awakenking in 2013 going into 2014 I went through some major Catalyst in that time frame. I had no idea I was a natural Healer, how strong my Soul Light truly is and what an impactful life I was going to have with myself and others I surround myself with.

Fast forward to early 2016 where I started to meet more Soul Family via Social Media. This is where I met my Best Friend, Mentor and Soul Family Member, Crystal Taylor. I was already learning many things about myself and my passion for life but Crystal was the Mentor I truly needed in my life to propel me forward.

I was introduced to energy work at the time of Crystal coming into my life and had no idea I had already been doing this naturally for quite a few years.

In 2018 I started working with Planetary Energies and this was an exciting way of connecting with the Planets associated with our Chakra's.

In 2019 I was attuned to Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 and that's where I felt my Energy Work truly start to level-up. I continued to mix up Reiki with Planetary Energy Work practicing on many People and a few Pets/Animals that needed assistance with their pain and Quality of Life. I also utilized my Energy Work with assisting my Spirit Guides/Team. They were great with allowing me to practice working with Energy Balls to gift them and learning to balance how much energy I could handle at one given time.

In 2020 I went through another level-up and started working with Quantum Energy & Frequencies. I was AMAZED how naturally deep this went for me. I did tire out easily at first because my body had to build up to this type of Energy Work but it pushed me to become stronger in this area of my expertise.

In 2021 I become a Reiki Master and attuned to the Quantum Energy Field, combining these two had made for some very intense & interesting Quantum Reiki Sessions. I was excited to learn how working with the Quantum Field could help me with strengthening my Mediumship & Psychic Abilities as well.

This year I was also giving an opportunity through Rev. Dr. Rhonda Hampton Schienle to become a member of World Awake, Inc. To be apart of a Loving and Supportive Spiritual Community has helped shift a lot of forward motion in my Personal Life and my Spiritual Business.

I'm now approaching another transition in my Life & Spiritual Business that is going to propel me forward even further. I truly enjoy learning and assisting others with awakenking them to Higher States of Conciousness and Unconditional Love.

Website: Quantum Priestess

Email: Athena Lozano

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