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Reiki and Cosmological Intelligence

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Reiki - Without going deeply into whether there is something behind reiki or not, I would not have practiced it if there were not and I did not practice professionally. I found taking early practice in reiki assisted my natural spiritual healing talents. Therefore, I took what it had to show me and used it to channel healing abilities which naturally existed. I found this worked just as well.

Reiki is not a hidden code of the universe, it is another interpretation of processing connections which exist spiritually between different folk. I feel that a native medicine practitioner or an acupuncturist achieve the channel of the same connections by different methods. For some, it is merely enough to see a person for that individual to begin feeling better, be it a human or an animal.

We are finding ways to focus natural energies which exist within each of us, between us and through us. God exists as the very soul of energy which we share. When we connect we open up to a network which is intelligent and knows just what to do to fix things.

David T. Griffin

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