Returning to Freedom

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Saint Baume, France

Reposted with permission from Linda Burns' Blog

This summer I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel with Flo Aeveia Magdalena and twelve fellow travelers to the south of France; to walk the path of Mary Magdalene where she lived and taught. I had a life changing experience when our group was asked by Magdalene to walk up her mountain, alone, to Saint Baume where she lived her last years on earth.

This was a daunting request; a challenging, uphill climb that would take me two hours to hike. It was not a journey I wanted to take alone, and yet she was asking me to take this leap of faith. "Walk my mountain, to the cave I made my home; I will be with you."

I gathered my courage and headed out. Soon I was in the ancient forest with thoughts creeping in that I was lost and hoping someone would eventually find me. I looked down and a white feather was at my feet.

A sign to trust; I moved forward.

The forest trail emptied out onto the main path with people, often walking at a fast clip, heading upward. I began my climb, one step at a time, feeling the physical discomfort in my knees growing. When I felt doubt, the response was immediate. I felt the Great Mother Earth bringing her energy in through my feet, into my body. "I AM HERE". I felt the Light from above, flow in through the top of my head, filling me with strength. "WE ARE HERE". I slowly made my way up. One final push and I was there at the entrance to her cave, now a grotto. (see more about St. Baume)

I took in every part of the grotto; walking, sitting, praying and feeling Magdalene with me. She spoke to me in my heart, "I lived my life with courage, with strength, independence and self-reliance. You are the same. You thought you could not do this, because of what you were taught as a child; the message of being weak, fragile, and separate is not your Truth. Now you see and know, that you are none of those things. You have demonstrated great courage and determination." Then, golden Light filled my past and I claimed the freedom I had lost. I was renewed, and with grace I descended the mountain knowing that everything had changed.

May we all find courage when we need it,
to move through what we perceive as too difficult.
We are all stronger than we think.

Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you. For more information about Flo Aevia Magdalena's offerings, you can find this information here: Soul Support Systems

Wishing you Courage for the journey!
With Love & Gratitude Always,
Linda Burns

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