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Spirit Speaks

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Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin

Sometimes, life can be difficult and sometimes, you feel a little at a loss. These are all great times to have a conversation with spirit or with your guides so that you feel more confident in the decisions that you make and about the journey that you are on.

We humans are spiritual beings having this human experience. We are here to learn and each of us has a lesson and journey that is unique for us. Believe it or not but we signed up for this. We worked with the souls in our soul group and our primary spirit guide, some refer to our primary guide as our guardian angel. We came up with a life plan for our journey and even may have entered into some soul contracts. But once we are incarnated, we don’t remember the plan and we just sort of blindly begin our journey. We have our guides and our loved ones on the other side that our simply trying to gently direct us but they will not interfere with our own free will.

I first saw and spoke to spirit when I was nine years old. My father had been very ill with lung cancer. I was very close to my daddy and he was my world. When I learned of his passing and was told that I would never see him again because he was in heaven I, at nine years old, thought my life was over. There was absolutely no way that I could go on living without my daddy. Who would protect me? Who would make me feel special? Who would tell me right from wrong? Yes, my mother was alive but we were not close until much later in life. My daddy was the first spirit that I ever talk to. The first to show themselves to me. I was so in a state of disappear that without that visit my life just simply would not have been the same. At first, I could not understand how I could see him, speak to him, still be very connected to him. After all everyone said he was gone forever.

People ask me all of the time how old I was when I discovered my “gift”. I want you to know that I am no different than you. All humans are able to talk to spirit, to talk to their spirit guides. All humans are physic. This is our natural ability. You may wonder, If that is true then why can some people do it and others can’t? The reason is very simple and yet a little complex too. We all are born with this ability as it is who we are. We are spirit.

Have you ever walked into a room and seen a toddler sitting and cooing and maybe even waving their arm? We think about how cute they are. What we don’t necessarily think about is that the toddler is waving at grandpa who is just checking in on them from the other side. That same child gets a little older and has an “imaginary” friend. How cute they are having tea with their friend and playing for hours. It doesn’t cross our minds that they are playing with spirit because they are still very connected and can see and hear spirit. But eventually they get “too old” to have “imaginary” friends and suddenly their parents and society says to them that they are too old for that. They are told that their experience is “not real”. The child soon learns they must conform to society and they build up these walls to block out spirit. They in a sense sever their connection with the other side so that they can live on this realm.

Unfortunately, many people never become reconnected unless there is some type of tragedy or they have a near death experience. Some people will go through this lifetime and never find that connection again. I was lucky. When my daddy passed and visit me. I went to my mom to tell her that I see him, that I talk to him. She told me that it was ok because she talks to him too. With her confirmation I knew that my experience was real and that you can speak to spirit. But how would my life have been different if she had told me that it was a dream, that it was my imagination, or that it wasn’t real. It is very possible that I would have closed myself off to spirit and never found my way.

I have interviewed hundreds of individuals to learn what do they believe and why. As well as how did their parents and society influenced those believes. I also asked if there was something that happened in their life to change what they believed. What I found is that parents and society does play a very large role in what people believe about spirits but also that things do happen to help awaken them.

Along my journey spirit has led me to teach others and so I do teach psychic development workshops but there are things that you can do each day to help you with your connections. I feel that the more that you use it the stronger it will become.

First, exercise your knowing, your intuition, your gut feeling. When someone calls you, think who is it before you know. Can you see their face in your mind’s eye? Or maybe you will see their name. When you buy groceries or gas try to see what the total will be. At first try to see the last number, then two numbers, then three.

Talk to spirit, to your loved ones on the other side, to your guides. They hear you. At first some people will hear their own voice when they hear spirit and that sometimes throws them off. When you talk to spirit or to your guides be sure to then pay attention to what you think, feel, see. Messages come to you in all shapes and forms.

Have you ever been going about your day and suddenly a loved one who has passed enters your mind? The reason this happens is because they have entered your energy field and you have unconsciously picked up on their energy. When this happens just say hi and thank them for being there with you. If one day you woke up and your family no longer spoke your primary language. What would you do? You would try to learn their language. That is what you need to do with spirit. We are all energy and everything around us is energy. Your thoughts are energy. The universe will mirror what we put out. Become very aware of your thoughts and remain positive. Good things will come to you.


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