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The New Era of Spiritual Work - QHHT

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Quantum Priestess Realm

QHHT, or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a unique form of hypnosis therapy created by Delores Cannon. She came across this technique by accident when her and her husband were doing Past Life Regressions, and people started skipping the past life and going into lives on other planets, with non-human beings speaking in the sessions. This is when Delores learned that we have many aspects of our Soul, that have lived many places on and off earth. She was quite ahead of her time when she came across this knowledge in the 1960-70’s.

QHHT is unlike normal hypnotherapy because it takes one to a much deeper level of trance, to what is called the synombulistic state. This is natural to the body and is the state one goes into right before falling asleep, and right as one wakes up. Most of us are not even aware of this state because the body will either continue to fall asleep or wake up. Delores Cannon found that keeping someone in this state by keeping them talking aids in turning down the ego part of the mind, the part of the mind that argues everything, and turns on the subconscious.

At the time she was just coming into this work, Delores called “it” (who was speaking in the deep trance) the subconscious; however, it is not the same thing as what psychology calls the subconscious. She was tapping into the “Highest Self”, or what many call the oversoul of the individual. This is the part of one’s consciousness that has all the information about the person in their current life, and every other life they have lived, or will ever live. This is similar to what many call the Akashic Records but is within the Consciousness and is specific to each Soul.

There are literally no limits to what can be accomplished in QHHT. People are learning deep knowledge about their past lives and how events in those lives can be affecting them now. This is already common in Past Life Regressions. In QHHT, if someone goes into past lives, it is still taken further. After someone sees what they need to see in the past life that is still affecting them now, the Highest Self is then called forward to speak. This is where the work some would call “miracles” can take place if it is appropriate to the individual. Bones can be realigned, bone and ligaments can regrow, and deep healings can take place on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This is truly the work of the future because there are no limits to what can be accomplished. The only limits are that of the client and what they need at the time.

About Crystal: Crystal Certified in the QHHT online program in 2018. This program completely changed her life and opened her so much that she did not begin doing this work publicly until 2020 because she moved across the east coast. Because of regulations in online work at the time of training Crystal named her service Quantum Trance, #QTbyC. She took the training of QHHT and made it her own and has had over 50 successful trance sessions just in the past year.

Website: The Quantum Priestess

Email: Crystal M. Taylor

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