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United and EmPowered

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Bighorn Medicine Wheel - Wyoming

I sit here, meditating on the vision of Black Elk. Black Elk, from a young age, had the vision of the medicine wheel coming back together. A hula hoop of all these different colors, rejoining and being healed. That is the time that we’re in now, experiencing the shift of everything coming together. There is so much in the physical/exterior world that divides us through government, media, sexual expression, creed and religion. This is the time where the illusion of separateness is dissolved and the true essence is all that resides. When we set aside our differences, we see all is the same; we all bleed the same blood, our DNA structures all the same. Our bodies manifested of the earth, our essence from the sky, Great Spirit, these energies that move us, animate us, are one. Like the light of a light bulb, each bulb, different and separate. But the light is the same.

At NAIC Thousand Suns, we dedicate our movements to reveal the authentic expression of light which lives inside each of us. By revealing and shining our light, we dissolve the separation, the illusion of Maya, the delusion of the ego self. The ego is our vehicle, our vessel of movement. Our spirit, our light IS the true identity. As a native indigenous church, we bring our roots back to the earth with the movements of the sun and the stars, the planets and the moon. We connect with the rhythms of the waters and the winds. We speak to the animals, as the animals speak to us. We nurture our food as medicine, as the medicine is what heals our body, the food heals our bodies more so by the vibration of love which we instill in it. It’s how the food is treated, created, conjured and cooked. It’s about intention in the movements that we make, the rhythms that we take - drawing out our own dancer, our own song. Love is the vibration of all and that’s exactly what we are awakening in our hearts. Bringing our minds in alignment with the heart, connecting our bellies, our guts, our feelings, the feelings of all, so that we all become the empaths that we are, all be the healers that we are meant to be. Being called from spirit to make drastic change in the paradigms, through the pressures, the tensions, the frictions in society. In our ways of movement, bringing back the celebration and joy, the gratitude of life through ceremony, through song, through ritual, dissolving the habitual and bringing consciousness mindfulness into all that we do ... for it’s not what you do, but how you do it. One of my teachers talked about building a house out of love. If you can’t build the house holding love with each brick, then you don’t build the house. You put the brick down and you meditate. You pray, you shift your vibration. Just as the Buddha said, If you feel anything other than joy, You sit with it. Because all vibrations are love, the distortion makes us feel something less than.

Everything leads us to God, every road and every thought. Some roads longer, like the coyote which leads us down a path that isn’t straightforward or concise, like the path of the butterfly or the rabbit. Yet they all lead to where we’re going, which is the remembrance that we are home, that we are whole, that we’re already there, stepping out of the judgments of the mind, stepping into the truth of the oneness of self. The soul of spirit, bringing back the traditions, the truth, the ceremonies and songs of our ancestors; aligning them with the energies of today. Doing the work to release the suffering. Release the samskara and stepping into the garden of Eden. You see all of these paths come from the same source. Yet throughout time, the separation divides, the separation creates delusions and illusions. The egos of man have all created different religions which has separated us even more. But now is the time where we come together and see wholeness, see the truth, see the connection, we all bleed the same blood, we all pray to the same.

We are in the Aquarian Age, where God is inside. Truth is all around. But in the duality of this totality, there’s also fake news. In addition, there’s so much opportunity to be distracted, to live in fear. Fear is not our enemy. Fear keeps us safe. However, when we are out of alignment, out of balance, often times projected unconsciously, it can cripple us, we can cripple ourselves. With the fear around COVID, fear around terrorism, fear around poverty, around war, we step out of our power, we give it away. Today is the day that we call it back in. We own ourselves like Christ said, we can all walk on water, we can all do these healing modalities that let the blind see, let the bodies heal. Everything is energy. So when we believe, when we stand in it, we draw like a magnet, our birthright of abundance and prosperity. When practicing in traditional sacred medicines, ayurvedic and indigenous native traditions, we look at spirit first. All dis-ease and disease stems from an energetic imbalance, which can be healed through the mind, through the heart, through herbs and through ceremony. That is the medicine that we bring to our community and to our people. What we’ve realized is that in a heartbeat, in a breath, we can release these traumas and tensions. Yet sometimes our minds and bodies can’t process and release, so then we look to the natural world, to the plants, which is our food, we align our food and its vital life force energy. We fill our bodies with this life force imprinted with loving intention. We charge the water with consciousness, which aligns its crystalline structure, reprogramming the crystalline structures of the cellular body with the intentions imprinted in the water reprogramming our bodies, dissolving the dis-ease. Healing the disease.

This is how we remember who we are, how powerful we are, how connected all life is. We are the directors in this play, it is time to own our role as that which is connected to the creator. Christ spoke, the weakest of us all is ten times more capable of the miracles he performed or more. Today is the day we come together. Today is the day we take our power back and manifest our dreams into reality.


Patrick Colasanti

May the Light of a Thousand Suns Shine Through You

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