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Walking with Christ On A Path Directed By Man ...

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Walking with Christ On A Path Directed By A Man…

A calling that took quite a few years to answer led me down a path to walk with Christ, a loving God, a caring and forgiving God. All are welcome; all are nurtured.

Hmm, just a minute, everyone is led by a man as only he knows the correct direction and what the love of Christ contains. By this knowledge, he is a vengeful God, and those who do not comply with the correct instructions are indeed eternally damned.

Women who hear the calling of a loving, nurturing God stand in the light and shine for all men to be illuminated or do the women give them more perceived ammunition to war against the loving Christ and his followers? The Nicaean Council removed the books found non-salient; the loving books and the nurturing books were all removed from the bible. The remaining books promoted fear and damnation for the men to teach the women as the men believed they were righteously correct.

A female minister or chaplain who stands firm in the light of Christ to show love and care to all. The woman’s strength must withstand disrespectful comments, little snubbing games, and mis-directions by fellow clergy who do not think women of God are qualified to minister to people.

This disunion goes past the religious, and spiritual callings to the fact that women who break into any male profession. They must be better than the best, actively aware of the games, the most educated in their fields, and have a relentless nature to succeed. This is the way that women can influence and to effectively break into the profession and be treated with respect and comradery.

This path has genuinely started for some, others have experienced a standstill. However, their light still shines as they carry on the word forward. This light must never go out.

Jacquelyn Griffin

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