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When Spirit Calls

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Winter Dove><

As I was flipping through my photos, I came upon one I took after a dove landed outside the window one cold February morning, cooing softly. I remember that at that moment, I felt the dove’s appearance was a visible sign that Spirit, most often portrayed as a dove, was with me. Finding that photo on a gorgeous spring day, I knew Spirit was calling me to write.

When I attended parochial school as a young girl, I was taught about Spirit, or more correctly The Holy Spirit. We were told that when we became one with Spirit, we were given gifts that would help us live well and serve others. These gifts, or charisms, are - teaching, serving, words of wisdom, giving, leadership, mercy and prophecy.

In the world today, we are in sore need of these gifts. Looking at this through an interfaith/interspiritual lens, we can find many people, who have been graced with Spirit, who are diligently working to bring all humanity together in peaceful coexistence with all life on this planet.

Those who do the work of Peace are one in Spirit.

When we are one with Spirit, we have the strength to continue forward despite obstructions. We have the tenacity to see past the smoke screens of glitz and glamour. We have the foresight to know that our connections to all creatures are real. We have the compassion to share what we have with those who are in need. We have the wisdom to teach through our actions, not simply through words.

These are gifts afforded all humanity. Yet, many people are like spoiled children, throwing away these blessed gifts for the bling and dazzle of power, fame and fortune.

Spirit calls to us softly, asking us to be peacemakers; to share loving kindness with all, even those who are the least loving; to keep the Light burning brightly within us, so that those in darkness may find hope.

May we all be filled with Spirit, shining brightly. May we all see that our lives overflow with abundance that multiplies endlessly when shared with others. May we all feel Loved, unconditionally.

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