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Our programs were designed to be affordable, experiential, heart-centered, student-centered, easily accessible. We foster a supportive and flexible environment, mentoring students to go deeper into their studies and supporting the intensification of their ongoing spiritual growth.

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Doula Certification Program


  • To be able to confidently companion those at end of life as well as support their families.
  • To be able to respectfully incorporate a wide variety of faith traditions, spiritual practices, and rituals to support the client’s spiritual needs and traditions regardless of what tradition (or non-tradition).
  • To be prepared to work comfortably with whomever the client has chosen as a care team, including hospice personnel, family members, friends, and clergy from myriad religious traditions. This includes exploring, understanding, and respecting boundaries and our own limitations.
  • To be respectful of and honor our role yet be cognizant of how to stay within the scope of the doula/midwife position.
  • To explore the student’s own feelings and fears surrounding death and dying so that they may freely serve in this sacred space.
  • To understand and, when appropriate, assist with Advance Directives so that the patient/client can make their end-of-life treatment wishes known.
  • Boundaries and scope of doula role.
  • Explore various legacy projects to help the patient/client develop a sense of meaning for their life and to also help facilitate closure.
  • To become familiar with the dying process and the anticipatory grief that often accompanies it not only with the patient/client but also with the family and loved ones.
  • To explore how to develop a death midwife practice and practical business and liability considerations.
  • To be familiar with and comfortable with assisting with post-death care and body disposition.
  • To work as an advocate to help the client and the family through the process with dignity and support.
  • An interfaith understanding of how different traditions approach death and dying.
  • Ongoing contemplative practices throughout the program.
And more!

Homiletics Certification Program

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