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Spirit eXpress
Instructor: Rev. Judith Andrade
Meetings: 52 Weekly Meetings
Dates: April 14th, 2020 through December 31st, 2021
Time: All day
Format: On Demand
Audience: All
Description: Rev. Judith Andrade was trained in this program in 2002 by the founder of Spirit eXpress - Tasuaté Radaene. She was later given the CD's and permission to present the program to her faith group and now expanding it to the world.

"Spirit eXpress" is a self-paced training program to explore and find your spiritual compass. This training takes you through a powerful understanding of Self, determining blockages, your inner and outer worlds, patterns and discovery of how you arrived at your belief systems.

The Spirit Express Program

  • 52 Weeks of individualized self-study
  • Short exam at the end for completion and certification
Goals: Graduates may elect to become

  • Ordained Ministers
  • Certified Spiritual Healers
  • Diplomats of Earth Stewardship

The end view of offering designations within our own Ministry, Discover the Path at Hestia's Hearth and the Organization of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards of Canada (SHESCan). More information can be found at www.discoverthepath.com and www.shes.org.

* This service is made possible through our Ministry SHESCan and International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards (SHES)
Fee: $260.00 ($20 per month x 13 lunar cycles)

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