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Lovers in the Wilderness: Discover Your Path to Mystical Unity
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt
Meetings: 12 Wednesdays Meetings
Dates: February 5th, 2020 through April 22nd, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 pm EST
Format: Live Online
Audience: All are welcomed
Description: At the heart of our yearning, our Beloved waits to join us in mystical unity. In this class, we'll explore the "how to," concrete processes, for creating the conditions to invite what grace may reveal—those sweet, unforeseen, moments of mystical unity with our Beloved—those moments that leave us, still, silent, not where we began.
Goals: To experience the Holy using sacred practices from across faith traditions; to learn how to create and maintain a spiritual practice in resonance with individual spiritual beliefs and lifestyle; and, to learn the key elements critical for co-creating with the Creator.
Other: Text: Doorway to the Sacred: Transform Your Life with Mantra Prayer by Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt (available on Amazon)
plus excerpts from the new edition under new title: Lovers in the Wilderness: Discover Your Path to Mystical Unity with Mantra Prayer
Fee: $240.00

Thriving In Challenging Times
Instructor: Rev. Connie Habash LMFT
Meetings: 1 Saturday Meeting
Date: March 28th, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific Time
Format: Live Online
Audience: All are welcomed
Description: Learn about and discuss practical and spiritual wisdom to calm anxiety and find inner peace during stress, crisis, and chaos.

When going through challenging times, it's difficult to stay calm – it may even seem impossible. Anxiety, fear, worry, and overwhelm can get the best of us. But there is a way to thrive in spite of it.

While we can't change everything happening in the world, we can change how we respond to it. Rev. Connie will share accessible practices for calming stress and anxiety, yoga philosophy, and universal spiritual principles to sustain inner peace and calm – even thrive – in the midst of challenging times.
  • Learn practices to sustain you through uncertainty and chaos
  • Re-frame your experiences and find the Divine in any situation
  • Start to develop an unshakable faith that can carry you through whatever life brings
  • Receive support in spiritual community
Fee: $20.00

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