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All Business Affiliate enrollments run for a full year from date of enrollment.

This form is for New Business Affiliates only. Please use the Business Affiliate Renewal form for renewing an existing affiliate.

If your registration has expired, we still have your information in our database, so you only need to renew to make it active again. There is no need to re-enter your entire profile.

Please note the form has a security timeout of 2 hours to prevent hackers from submitting garbage from other sites. If you see a "CSRF Error", the form has timed out. Please copy your responses to a separate location, such as Notes application, reload the page and copy the contents back in.

World AWAKE has the right to suspend, refuse or terminate any affiliation at any time in the event that products, services, or promotional material is NOT reflective of the Interfaith-Interspiritual perspective.

You will be redirected to PayPal for your payment after submitting the form.

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