Registration Information

World AWAKE offers membership for Interfaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals. We also extend membership to seminary and spiritual care professional students.

Additionally, we offer a non-member category for Business Affiliates. See details in the Business Affiliates section below.

Interfaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals have become positive contributors to the shift in consciousness and spiritual connections globally. Together World AWAKE Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals will serve as an InterSpiritual, InterFaith, InterConnected Community Linking Spirit and Service.

World AWAKE is here to support, promote and empower our members to best facilitate them in their respective communities.

You are welcome to join at anytime! We offer pro rata pricing during the year. Our renewals are done every January 1st and expire December 31st.

Pro rata pricing for Clergy Fellow and Spiritual Care Professional is:
    $75 - December 1st through March 31st (December is early-bird registration for next year)
    $60 - April 1st through June 30th
    $45 - July 1st through September 30th
    $30 - October 1st through November 30th (December is early-bird registration for next year)

Pro rata pricing for Clergy Student and Spiritual Care Student is:
    $40 - December 1st through March 31st (December is early-bird registration for next year)
    $30 - April 1st through June 30th
    $20 - July 1st through September 30th
    $10 - October 1st through November 30th (December is early-bird registration for next year)

Correct price is managed via PayPal after pressing Submit on application. You will have a chance to review before being charged.

Clergy Fellow:

  • Formal training in an Interfaith-Interspiritual program at an acknowledged organization of spiritual or religious interfaith studies. OR
  • Must show knowledge, sensitivity, and interest in studying/working with traditional and interfaith ministry.
  • Formal ministry education that has resulted in an Ordination by an Interfaith-Interspiritual Seminary, Traditional, Seminary; by installment into leadership with a “non-traditional” faith path, or working as Interfaith-Interspiritual Clergy, or professionally engaged within Interfaith-Interspiritual ministry.
  • Includes those who actively reach beyond their original ordained tradition to intentionally engage multiple faith paths within the Interfaith-Interspiritual ideals.

Spiritual Care Professionals:

  • Are not ordained clergy yet they collaborate with the wider InterSpiritual community
  • These members will be trusted resources, presenters, and mentors actively engaged in the sacred arts
  • May offer education, skills and/or inspiration from their field or expertise.
  • Support InterSpiritual education through combination of the convergence of science, theology, art, music, movement and healing arts.
Spiritual Care Professionals may be someone who offers the following services:
  • Spiritual Advisors, Directors
  • Pastoral Care and Pastoral Care Specialists
  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Aromatherapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Mind, Body and Spiritual Practitioners
  • Energy, Vibrational Sound Healing
  • Counselors, Social Workers
  • Nurses, Hospice Care

Membership Benefits:

  • A National Platform
  • A Membership Profile Page
  • Membership Card
  • Membership Certificate
  • Private Discussion Forum
  • Facebook Discussion Forum
  • Educational Webinars (Present or Attend)
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Advertising/Contributing Opportunities In Our Monthly Newsletter
  • Membership Resources

Other Opportunities

  • Attend local and international meetings
  • Serve on local and international committees

Business Affiliates

Business Affiliates are a non-membership category of World AWAKE. Business Affiliates are those who are in various ways supportive to our Interfaith Clergy, Spiritual Care Professionals and respective students.

Some examples of a Business Affiliate include the following: a business or person who makes stoles or robes for clergy, candle or craft makers, food caterers, retreat centers, wedding supplies, event coordinators or planners, massage therapy products, website designers, specialized training/classes (online or in-person) for spiritual organizations.

Benefits to Business Affiliates:

  • Promoted in Newsletter
  • Featured in Spiritual Store on website
  • Website Calendar if you are a vendor at an event
Fee: $75.00 annually (term begins at enrollment date and runs for a full year)

World AWAKE, Inc. reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate any Business Affiliate at any time in the event that products, services or promotional material does not reflect the support or professionalism to our members and organization.

We have gone “Green” so please use the online forms if possible. However, If you prefer to pay by check and/or complete a paper application, please contact us and we will happily supply the information you request.

Organization Status

World AWAKE is an independent U.S. tax-exempt (501 (c) (6)) organization, to professionally support and be a home for interfaith and interspiritual ministers and allied individual partners in various membership categories, including students, business, and healing arts. We have a variety of cooperative relationships with other independent organizations, including interfaith and interspiritual seminaries and other interfaith/interspiritual organizations in the USA and internationally.

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