Bridging Inter-Faith and
Inter-Spiritual Communities
by Linking Spirit, Service and Care
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Bridging Inter-Faith and
Inter-Spiritual Communities
by Linking Spirit, Service and Care

May 14th, 2020 Community Newsletter

Let’s Journey Together, !!!name!!!,

Board Chair's Message

World AWAKE continues to send forth our warmth, prayers and comforting thoughts to you and your beloveds.

As we continue to navigate through these times, there have been many who have shared the realization that they are arriving in a new way of life. A new paradigm and shift in perception, determining what is important and setting new priorities.

Some of you have shared how you are learning more self-care, enjoying time for meditation or reading books. Also many of you have attended our spiritual gatherings on Zoom that helped us to connect and uplift each other.
Rhonda Schienle
Rev. Rhonda Schienle
Last year, around February 2019, World AWAKE gifted 5 Zoom Professional licenses to selected members. We look back and are so delighted to see the Divine timing of it all. We witnessed how those who learned this platform, were able to expand their business, teach classes and have connections to their communities. What we did not know, was how much this would be essential for what we are experiencing now with “shelter in place.”

We invite everyone, members and extended community to any of our live online, on demand or on-site classes. This is featured under our Education page button on the website.

We have added a very special On-Demand course, from Rev. Judith Andrade. Please read all about it below in this newsletter.

If you are a Spiritual Care Professional, Minister or Student, we invite you to take a moment and learn about our membership benefits and services.
Blessings and Gratitude
Rev. Rhonda Schienle

World AWAKE Board Chair

Member Spotlight

Name: Rev. Judith Andrade

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". This Chinese proverb accredited to Confucius is a truth for all of us. Sometimes we take that step with others, but our personal journey is a Spiritual one. Spirit is the breath of life and although we all share breath with all life, what we take in is used for our own purpose.

The organization, Discover The Path, is so named because our goal has always been to help others, not only to "discover their path" but to help "make it new" using the information as a supportive resource. I am so grateful for our collaboration with World AWAKE and very pleased to be a part of the leadership Council.

Some time ago, I had a vision of a Spiritual Compass based on an ornament that has hung from my window for decades. From that ornament and years of study, our organization developed the idea that the heart, as the centre of all being, reaches out seeking ways to fulfill our promise. Any point on the compass is a guide to help find solutions, sometimes moving forward and sometimes reflecting on the past. Colours, words, and directions give guidance on choosing a path. As we experience visions and ideas from all sources, we can then bring them within to learn and grow. Any Journey taken without a compass increases the challenges.

Like many places, Discover the Path has now moved to an online service. We are presenting a facet of the Spiritual Compass in the form of a program developed by "Tasuate" and offered to us for our faith group. It is a year-long, self-learning spiritual program that can be a part of your journey towards resonance with your own goals. Full information can be found at our website Click on the Spirit eXpress link for further information, a welcome and a beginning.

Rev. Judith Andrade's Profile:
Rev. Judith Andrade

On-Demand Class Announcement

Discover the Path
"Spirit eXpress" is a self-paced training program to explore and find your spiritual compass. This training takes you through a powerful understanding of Self, determining blockages, your inner and outer worlds, patterns and discovery of how you arrived at your belief systems.

The Spirit Express Program
  • 52 Weeks of individualized self-study
  • Short exam at the end for completion and certification
Goals: Graduates may elect to become
  • Ordained Ministers
  • Certified Spiritual Healers
  • Diplomats of Earth Stewardship
See our On-Demand Education page for more details.

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