Bridging Inter-Faith and
Inter-Spiritual Communities
by Linking Spirit, Service and Care
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Bridging Inter-Faith and
Inter-Spiritual Communities
by Linking Spirit, Service and Care

August 13th, 2020 Community Newsletter

Summer greetings, !!!name!!!,

Board Chair's Message

We are so grateful that you all are a part of our spiritual community.

During these unprecedented times, coming together and sharing time has been so tremendously helpful to so many. Thank you for your presence.

Two years ago this month, I felt a special calling to serve World AWAKE as your Board Chair. At the time I became a member, we were known as A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy. Today, I humbly accept my Board of Directors vote of another 2 years to serve you.

The day I was ordained, this brilliant organization was right there to assist me in my new journey as a Minister. It helped me to learn, navigate and excel as a Minister in my community. Prior to being an Interfaith Minister, I was a Spiritual Care Professional.
Rhonda Schienle
Rev. Rhonda Schienle
Having a professional background in the medical and holistic fields, was so complementary to my journey in becoming a Minister. Now, I want to be of service in assisting our fellow clergy, spiritual care professionals and students in their respective fields and community.

My spiritual calling is never done alone. It is done with an amazing Board of Directors, Leadership Council, Members, Reciprocal Partners and Business Associates that accepted the call to service in their respective communities and organizations.

My heartfelt gratitude to our Board of Directors whose steadfast service, compassion and leadership helps bring forth what you see out in the communities across our globe.
Blessings and Gratitude
Rev. Rhonda Schienle

World AWAKE Board Chair

On-Line Spiritual Event

Telling of the Prayer Beads

Reverend Judi Painter Invites you to a COVID 19 Special Event!

Instructor: Rev. Judi Painter

Price: Free
Date: Tuesday, August 18th, 2020
Time: 7:00 PM ET/6:00 PM CT/5:00 PM MT/4:00 PM PT
Duration: 60 minutes

Zoom registration:

We are inviting you to a special gathering hosted by World AWAKE, and Rev. Judi Painter.

Come tap into the deep mysteries of the “Telling of the Prayer Beads.”
Judi Painter
Rev. Judi Painter
Covid Beads

COVID19 Beads

Chaplain's Corner

Warrior Rosary

Warrior Rosary

Covide Beads

COVID19 Beads



Have you ever used prayer beads?

Italian mystic Catherine of Siena wrote that "Perfect prayer is achieved not with many words but with having desire or intention". In Aramaic the definition of the word prayer is to "open ourselves so the Divine can fill our lives inside and out".

This month when I pulled out my spiritual toolkit I had intention to look at the many prayer books and spiritual readings I had to find a prayer that would give me peace during these troubled times. I was trying to find one prayer that when I prayed I would feel protected, have spiritual strength, balance my energy with peace, and learn to begin to feel the wind against my face - maybe even joy!

I couldn't find one prayer but found many. What I did find were 2 sets of prayer beads. So I used each of them and then decided to create my own! The use of the prayer in the form of affirmation can help us to focus on the Divine and to affirm ourselves as spiritual beings WITH creative power.
Rev. Judi Painter
Rev. Judi Painter
If you do not have one, they are easily purchased - the COVID19 Prayer beads are only available at the World AWAKE Spiritual Store.

Most religions have some sort of sacred prayer beads that can be used to pray with. It would take me beyond this writing to share the story of the interconnectedness and meaning for the different beads and their usage. The one thing that is common in all is the repetition used when praying with them, hence a true form of meditation. What I like about having them is when I wear them; carry them with me in the car, in my hands, around my neck close to my heart. They let me stay close to Spirit all day, every day.
  • The first prayer bead is the Warrior's Rosary Bead which is used in Christianity. This one is designed for warfare which allows for powerful prayer. There is a great deal of information available on how to say a rosary. This can be found at
  • The second is a COVID19 Bead recently designed for World AWAKE to be used during this time of trouble. A small beaded chaplet is also shown which can be used to carry in a pocket or even as a bracelet. The beads used were hematite, wood, jade and a red stone.
  • Hematite was chosen because it has powerful protection properties. It was crushed and used as a paste and rubbed on Roman Soldiers before they went into battle
  • A wooden bead is used because of grounding properties, helps balance energies between heaven and earth
  • Jade is bead that provides guidance, good fortune and joy
  • Red beads are a symbol of the Christian religion for the blood of Jesus OR for strength in any faith, strong spirit presence
  • There is a prayer attached to the COVID19 prayer beads which will be read publicly for the first time at a World AWAKE Event on August 18th or see the On-Line Spiritual Event information preceding this section.
  • The last prayer bead above is a MALA which means rose or garland and is used in many religions ranging from Hindu, Islam and Buddhism. Mala beads have a fascinating story attached. These can be found on Amazon is a large variety.
I challenge you all to try using prayer beads of some type in your daily prayer this month Use your creative spiritual power and find peace!
Wishing you Peace and Love,
Chaplain Judi Painter
World AWAKE Director of Resources

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