Seminaries and InterSpiritual Organizations

InterSpiritual, InterFaith, InterConnected Seminaries and InterSpiritual Organizations

There is an ongoing shift on our planet, and for our development and growth for ministry as InterFaith/ InterSpiritual ministers.

World AWAKE provides this listing of educational institutions and seminaries as a service to those seeking to explore InterFaith/InterSpiritual education and ordination.

These seminaries offer substantial, layered, ministry training programs from the United States, Canada, Mexico and the UK.

Explore these seminaries with excerpts from the seminaries’ own self-descriptions. Links are also provided to their websites for further exploration. This is a partial listing and is not, in any way, to be considered an endorsement.

The selection of a learning organization is the sole responsibility of the seeker.

United States Organizations

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Order of Universal Interfaith (Ordination and Standing)

OUnI is an ecclesiastical home for Interfaith clergy and provides them with appropriate credentials as well as logistical, educational and spiritual support.

OUnI calls and ordains qualified persons to carry out its ministry in the world and also grants ecclesiastical standing to qualified persons who were previously ordained through an Interfaith seminary or through a different faith tradition and who otherwise meet the standards set forth by OUnI for ordination.
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Tree of Life School for Sacred Living

The Tree of Life Interfaith Seminary Program, “As the Crow Flies: Discover Your Direct Path to God,” is offered online with one-on-one mentoring to ensure each seminarian a deeply personal and transformation journey in the quest to discover and excavate his or her unique inner treasure, or divine path.

The program consists of two parts. In the first part, Preparations, seminarians explore the treasure’s crucible, spiritual practice, experiencing practices from across faith traditions. Various forms of meditation and prayer are explored and seminarians become familiar with the process of co-creating with the Creator through the interplay of personal will and divine surrender. Detailed guidance is offered on how to create and sustain a spiritual practice, deal with obstacles as they arise and, ultimately, how to become an alchemist turning the challenges of the practice into the gold of the journey.

In the second part, Creating Your Vision of Ministry, seminarians distill the personal impulses of inner joy as well as the major life lessons and themes which are the necessary and critical components of their personal ministry visions. By engaging practices from across faith traditions, seminarians polish their inner treasure by transforming patterns that no longer serve as well as by cultivating focus, courage and the inner inspiration to live from an open heart. As seminarians clarify their personal visions of ministry and prepare for their manifestations, support is offered so that each vision may become an expression of beauty in service to a greater good. Ordination culminates with each seminarian reciting his or her personal vows reflective of this inner treasure now ready for manifestation.
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AFSI Divinity School

AFSI Divinity School is dedicated and committed to foster respect and honor to the integrity of the individual and the individual’s own spiritual search and path. We welcome students from all faiths and all spiritual traditions including those who do not practice or follow a particular religious traditions.
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The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine

The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME) is a two-to-three year interfaith program for students seeking to deepen their spiritual growth and practice and/or seeking ordination as interfaith ministers. There are two options for study: In our Traditional Program, weekly classes meet face-to-face in Portland, Maine. In our Blended Learning Program, weekly classes meet synchronously via Zoom. Each student is a member of a class cohort that meets once each week beginning in mid-September and ending in late May. All students from both programs meet together in person once a month for weekend workshops. Nearly 175 ChIME graduates are serving institutions and communities in New England and in ten other states and Canada.

The first year of the ChIME curriculum focuses on personal growth and clarity of call; the second year’s focus is on deepening one’s spiritual journey through skill building and an internship. 150 hours of volunteer service is required during the first academic year and 150 hours of an internship is required during the second academic year. Knowledge and experience of the world’s major faith traditions are woven into the program throughout the two years. Students engage in the exploration of the arts and creativity as an expression of the divine throughout the program.

Through participation in weekly classes, weekend workshops, and community-wide events, students are invited into a Beloved Community of interfaith-oriented individuals. Each student is encouraged to identify a mentor and is also assigned a ChIME graduate as a Spiritual Companion. Graduates reflect that peer interactions in the weekly small discussion/integration circles provide some of the most valuable support of all.
ChIME’s mission is to educate and ordain interfaith leaders who serve with integrity, spiritual presence, and prophetic voice. ChIME will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, marital status, beliefs, age, national origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability. ChIME is a non-profit, Interfaith seminary governed by a Board of Trustees.

The school was founded in 2002 by Rev. Jacob Watson, D. Min, and by Abbess Patricia Ellen, a graduate of The New Seminary in New York. ChIME faculty are from a wide variety of disciplines. Please see our website for more information. There you can subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter or, for weekly updates, please “Like” our FB page:
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All Paths Divinity School

Interfaith-Interspiritual Seminary offering Degree Programs, Educational Programs, Ordination, and Your Spiritual Community in an online, interactive environment. All Paths Divinity School (APDS) is the spiritual home for students looking to amplify their interfaith interspiritual journey. APDS is founded on awareness that strength and community are discovered by coming together in sacred service to the highest and best in us. Through this empowered connection of spiritual presence, we prepare our students to bring authentic change to themselves and the world.

Our student body is inclusive of all traditions, faiths, races, orientations, gender identities, national, and cultural backgrounds. Our student body is on the evolutionary cusp of emerging interspirituality. The APDS staff and students are reflective of those in the world who are independent thinkers, innovators, and those who don’t fit into a traditional mold. At APDS, our spiritual family is our first value, and all are welcome to join!
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HaShem's House

HaShem’s House is a post-denominational synagogue and interfaith house of prayer for all of HaShem’s (G-d’s) children, located here in Austin, Texas, in the middle of the Hill Country. We provide services for all children of HaShem, regardless of race, religion, gender or any other persuasion that some folks seem to put a lot of stock in!

We’re just glad you took the time to find us!

There’s an old Talmudic story that goes: a bird and a fish can fall in love and get married, but where do they build their nest? With us, of course.

We sometimes like to say, “We’re the spiritual home for those who don’t have one… or are looking for a new one!” Welcome home. There will be plenty of time for you to make a tax-deductible donation if you’d like, later on.
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The Chaplaincy, An Interfaith Seminary and Community

Since 1999, The Chaplaincy Institute has dedicated itself to bringing new models of creative ministry and spiritual leadership to meet today’s needs. Our offerings are designed for those who seek to serve in culturally and religiously diverse environments—or in new ways—using dreamwork, the arts, music, ritual and ceremony, and the labyrinth. The Chaplaincy, An Interfaith Seminary and Community is based in Berkeley, California.
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East-West Interfaith Seminary

What is unique about East-West is that it is an online global Interfaith Ministry Program set up as a one-on-one coaching model where the basics of Interfaith Ministry are taught through the use of the Internet and telephone.

At East-West Seminaries, we honor and share the teachings of all the world’s spiritual traditions, from Aboriginal to Zoroastrian, and we specialize in teaching about the healing traditions of the world’s cultures, from the indigenous and the ancient to the contemporary. Furthermore, we are particularly interested in the inner or mystical traditions of the world and their relationship to healing. We are also very committed to the role of Interfaith in world peace.

Interfaith Ministers are living bridges. We desire to add to our knowledge and appreciation of all the world’s faith and wisdom traditions; to deepen our own spiritual devotion and practice; and, most significantly, to bring a greater love and healing.
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New Vision Interspiritual Seminary

As we watch the world changing, we realize that what we taught in the past is not enough to deal with the global issues of this time. The world is changing at a rapid rate and there is a shift in the awareness. Future Interfaith Ministers need to be taught in a different way, something more substantial and spiritually grounding is needed. It is time to train Interfaith Ministers, as Gloria Karpinsky puts it, “to minister into the shift of consciousness that is happening on this planet right now.”

The Father of Interfaith and our beloved teacher, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman (of blessed memory) taught us “Never Instead Of…Always in Addition To.” It was his wish that we teach the basics of interfaith ministry, plus the consciousness of the Oneness of all life.

How to minister from that place of Oneness, & stay grounded & steady into the Shift that is growing more apparent every day, is what we are teaching at New Vision Interspiritual Seminary.

New Vision Interspiritual Seminary offers in-person and distance-learning options, and is based in New York.
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One Spirit Learning Alliance

One Spirit Learning Alliance offers an opportunity to learn about the world’s great spiritual traditions, deepen one’s own spiritual life, while becoming ordained as an Interfaith Minister. OSIS draws from the resources of the great wisdom teachings, both ancient and modern, to increase appreciation for the diversity of life and to nurture a direct experience of the unity that underlies it.

One Spirit Learning Alliance offers students an understanding of the world’s major wisdom traditions, practices, and rituals; an opportunity to deepen your own spiritual practice, and learn to help others develop theirs; clarity on fundamental psychological principles as they apply to everyday life; skills to serve others, formally and informally, as an ordained Interfaith minister in roles (such as pastor, spiritual counsellor, or officiant of life-cycle celebrations); enhanced spiritual growth through the exploration of other wisdom traditions; renewed commitment to spiritual practice as the foundation for service; firsthand experience of spiritual practices from different traditions; improved listening skills; greater self-acceptance and inner peace; and an understanding of the individual and cultural differences that make each of us unique.

One Spirit Learning Alliance offers in-person and distance-learning options, and is based in New York City, NY.

Unity is a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of prayer. Unity honors the universal truths in all religions and respects each individual's right to choose a spiritual path.


Our MISSION is to provide spiritual tools for personal and global transformation.

Our PURPOSE is to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence.

Our VISION is a world that works for everyone.


Since its beginnings in 1992, Emerson has promoted an understanding and embodiment of the Universal Principles so that each person can pursue unlimited spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social potential.

Now, over two decades later, Emerson and its many affiliated centers located throughout the United States continue to stand for these principles embodied in its many graduates who have brought New Thought into many occupations and fields of interest. The grads are co-creating at such professions as classroom teaching, art, writing, publishing, adult education, health and nutrition, business, curriculum creation, chaplain and ministerial work.

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Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary

Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary is the only Interfaith and InterSpiritual seminary of its kind in South Florida and the southeastern states. Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary is a two year professional training program designed to prepare people to serve the spiritual needs and lives of others. The work done by anyone in spiritual leadership; ministers, spiritual directors, spiritual guides, or teachers is a sacred trust. We seek to insure that our students adhere to a high standard of education, professionalism, and ethical conduct. To that end, we provide extensive guidance, direction, training, and education in the areas of introspection and spiritual growth by way of exposure to Mystery Schools, Eastern Religions, Western Religions, Earth Based Religions, Theological and Humanistic Perspectives, and Ministry.
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The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies

Welcome to The New Seminary. We are the oldest Interfaith Seminary in the world with over 3500 graduates serving as ministers all over the globe. We describe our Interfaith Approach as a form of liberating spirituality that allows us to find comfort, guidance, healing, solace and wisdom in the tenets, rituals, sacred texts and practices from many faith traditions, that we can apply in our lives, spiritual practices and ministry.

We offer tuition reductions for World Awake members!

Canada Organizations

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Intuitive Times Institute

The intuitive Times Institute is located in Prince Edward Island, CANADA. What is unique about NTI is that it is a support to a network of Interfaith Ministries (OIIM) and it embraces our two missions:
  1. Building bridges between the many faces of God
  2. Validating mystical experiences in a reverent and respectful context.
Part of the training and follow-up to training is how to set up and run your Interfaith Ministry. Our motto is, "The Paths are Many, the Truth is One ~ Love Thy Neighbor."

Mexico Organizations

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International Academy of Interfaith Studies

The Academy provides:
  • Training to enhance knowledge about the major (and some minor) world religions
  • Training for those who wish to become Interfaith Ministers
  • Training to become more effective at helping other people
All programs and modules are developed from a secular point of view and are not designed to promote one religion over another or atheism. Instead stress is placed on promoting religious understanding and appreciation for its contribution to human society.

The International Academy primarily offers programs on-line, and is based in Honolulu, Hawaii

United Kingdom Organizations

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One Spirit Interfaith Foundation

We join in the awakening of an inclusive global spirituality, in ourselves and in the world, through training and enabling open-hearted men and women to serve people of all faiths and none in our diverse communities.

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation is inclusive, embracing the universal truth at the heart of all spiritual traditions. Incorporating the Interfaith Seminary and the Interfaith Ministers Association, the Foundation celebrates the values of respect, reconciliation, forgiveness and fellowship. We honour and support peace-making and the awareness of our unity in Spirit. We believe that difference, when approached as a potential source of enrichment, need not be experienced as a threat. Old dichotomies of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ do not serve the healing of our world. Thus our focus is on removing, within ourselves, the obstacles to unity.

We whole-heartedly support all the many interfaith initiatives that encourage dialogue and understanding between religions. We look for even deeper dimensions of unity, where we can recognise every human being as a facet of the One Spirit, a reflection of something in ourselves. We see the interfaith concept as a powerful invitation not just to tolerance, but acceptance; not only to dialogue, but brother/sisterhood
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