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January 16th, 2020 Community Newsletter


Board Chair's Message

On behalf of all of us at World AWAKE, we hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season. Many of us consider a new year as a fresh start or new beginnings; while others are setting new goals and expanding their horizons.

World AWAKE is beginning the year welcoming our new Board of Director Maryann Locaparra. She will be our Director of “New Thought Ambassador.”

We are also growing and expanding through our education, Zoom members discussions, business associates, reciprocal partners, magazine contributors, resources and more.

We are looking forward to the planning of our 2021 retreat/conference. Everyone is welcome to this retreat, stay tuned for more details.

Also, we are excited about the “Early Bird” special to join or renew for $50.00 as Clergy Fellow or Spiritual Care Professional. $20.00 for students for Spiritual Care Professional or Clergy.

May this new year be of abundant prosperity and vibrant health.
Rhonda Schienle
Rev. Rhonda Schienle
Blessings and Gratitude
Rev. Rhonda Schienle

World AWAKE Board Chair

Gratitude to our outgoing Board of Director

Gratitude to Author, radio hostess and President of The Lavender Crow Rev. Teal L. Gray N.D. for serving on World AWAKE's Board of Directors for two years.

She has so graciously offered her time and will continue to serve on the retreat/conference committee through 2021.

Thank you for all you are and do Rev. Teal L. Gray
Teal Gray

Membership Early Bird Special - Renewing or Joining

The Early Bird Special expires on January 31st, 2020

Clergy Fellow: New or Renewal $50.00
Spiritual Care Professionals: New or Renewal $50.00

Clergy Student: New or Renewal $20.00
Spiritual Care Student: New or Renewal $20.00

If your registration has expired, we still have your information in our database, so you only need to renew to make it active again. There is no need to re-enter your entire profile.

Visit our Registration Page to join or renew.
Early Bird Special

Welcome to Our Newest Members

Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rossner - Clergy Fellow

Services Offered: Private readings
Spiritual Services
Classes & Workshops
Spiritual Messages Circles

Services Provided To
: Members and public

Bio: The internationally acclaimed Marilyn Zwaig Rossner, EdD, PhD, has shared her magnificent gifts of the Spirit throughout the world. She is known for her uplifting messages from the spiritual world, and her visions of what is significant in life now. She has appeared on television in many nations, including the CBC's Beyond Reason show.

Dr. Marilyn is the co-founder, with Fr. Dr. John Leslie Rossner, of the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS), the founder of the Spiritual Science Fellowship (SSF), the founder of the children's yoga camp program at Sivananda Yoga Retreat in Val-Morin, and the co-founder of the Spiritual Center for Teaching.
Marilyn Rossner
Crystal Taylor - Spiritual Care Professional

Services Offered: Reiki Certifications
Various Energy work modalities
Soul Coaching
Astrology & Numerology Reports
Training for Empaths
Subscription to Coven

Services Provided To: Anyone

Bio: Crystal Taylor is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master, Shamanic Witch, and Priestess of Coven 88. Crystal specializes in spirit alchemy- transmuting lower vibrations to love. She is a Draconian Starseed who works with other realms to aid the ascension process on Earth. Many Draconian souls are incarnated on Earth to learn lessons related to shadow work, how to keep this balanced, and truly align with their inner power for the good of others. Crystal, through Coven 88 offers different services to help one align to their own soul, begin their own ascension process, and fulfill their life path.
Crystal Taylor
Rebecca Kuhn - Spiritual Care Professional

Bio: I am a spiritual person who loves the Lord and honored to take photos of the Angels
Rebecca Kuhn
Rev. Tarasa Lovick, PhD - Clergy Fellow

Services Offered: Teacher
Wellness Mentor

Services Provided To: Anyone who is interested and willing to take responsibility for their growth and learning. I'm especially interested in working with individuals and groups that desire to become more conscious and compassionate.

Groups Provided To: Open

Bio:"The job of heroes is to enlighten the world by loving it, starting with themselves. Their task is not to slay the dragon, within or without, but to affirm the deepest level of truth about it: that is, that we are all one."
~ Carol Pearson

The primary question that governs my decisions is,"What can I do to be a proper vessel through which love can come into the world?" Your journey of realizing your divine purpose on Earth has brought you here at this place in your life. As you allow, your higher self will direct the next perfect step on your personal journey towards self-discovery and self-healing, and ultimately enlightenment.
Tarasa Lovick
Eric Csuhta - Spiritual Care Student

Bio: I have been meditating since the age of 5; I am also a natural healer, medium, and empath. Currently studying to offer Reiki in three different forms, and other spiritual services.
Eric Csuhta

Inspirational Quote

“Let our New Year's resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.”

~Goran Persson
Happy New Year

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