About Our Logo

Flower of Life

The World AWAKE logo is based on the Flower of Life, considered the gateway to higher consciousness or awakening.

The Flower of Life is a sacred power symbol, which activates energy coding in the mind, helping one to access the light body. The outer golden circle symbolizes a permeable and inclusive welcome to all faith paths. It also embodies our "Building bridges to a peaceful world community" statement from our Founder, Carla Ivison.

About Us

World AWAKE is a professional organization that serves as a home for ordained Interfaith Ministers, Spiritual Care Professionals, business associates and associated students. It empowers and supports their ministries and spiritual work throughout the world. We celebrate the InterSpiritual perspective and philosophy as a way to create harmony and understanding among the world’s religions and peoples.

World AWAKE is a leading organization that:

  • Provides support to Interfaith Ministers, Spiritual Care Professionals and their business associates contributing to enhance and inspire spiritual growth within the world’s population
  • Acts as a home and support community for InterFaith Clergy, Spiritual Care Professionals worldwide, including lay leaders and clergy of other faiths and spiritual paths
  • Creates and promotes bridges of peace and understanding among the world’s religious and spiritual communities worldwide

Our Fundamental Belief:

We hold true that Interfaith embraces the notion that each person and community, regardless of their faith orientation, is following a unique spiritual path deserving of validation, reverence and respect.

An Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Care Professional’s role is that of a bridge builder, communicator, facilitator and in being so, to support and help the individual’s spiritual journey that is consistent with his/her soul’s purpose.

Our Objectives:

World AWAKE seeks to:

  • Foster opportunities for professional development among InterFaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals through events, media and communication which continually builds knowledge and skills.
  • Identify professional standards and requirements of knowledge, ethics and skill competencies for InterFaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals as they evolve in their respective fields.
  • Promote a sense of community among InterFaith Clergy, Spiritual Care Professionals and their business associates through the creation and/or recognition of regional and specialty subgroups as they develop.
  • Communicate to the media and general public InterFaith/InterSpiritual philosophy and teachings designed to inspire greater spiritual growth among the peoples of the world.
  • Encourage the creation and existence of bridges of peace and understanding among the world’s religious and spiritual communities.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of issues among InterFaith Clergy, Spiritual Care Professionals, InterFaith seminary students, and all clergy and private citizens aligned with InterFaith values and principles.

About InterFaith and InterSpirituality

World Awake is an international inter-collaborative organization of ordained InterFaith/InterSpiritual clergy, spiritual care professionals, respective students, business associates, communities and congregations. In the words of World Awake’s founder Carla Ivison, “We are building bridges to a peaceful world community.”

We see InterFaith InterSpiritual Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals and those who support them as positive contributors to the shift in consciousness and spiritual connections globally. World Awake supports and connects those who heal and work for peace.

Neither InterFaith or InterSpirituality are religions. They walk among the religions.

“InterFaith begins when we create a bridge between one set of beliefs and traditions and another. We begin by listening to one another, and to the humanity in all of us. Interfaith emphasizes the universal principles and spiritual compassion taught by all schools of divinity and ethics. Each religion is an instrument for the divine, and together the world’s religions form a glorious symphony. Interfaith is the acceptance and celebration of humankind in all its magnificent faiths, colors, cultures, and traditions. It is the acknowledgment that there is but one light that burns brightly through each faith and within each heart. In its essence, this light is love.” (Rev. Susanna S. Macomb, Joining Hands and Hearts, Simon & Schuster 2003)

To quote Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, founder of two InterFaith seminaries, “Never instead of, always in addition to…”

The term InterSpirituality was coined by Brother Wayne Teasdale in his book The Mystic Heart (New World Library, 1999). InterSpirituality emphasizes the mystical spiritual experience that is available through various sacred practices around the world. When one has a direct experience of the Divine, one’s inner life awakens and a personal transformation occurs where love and peace flow out to the world in engaged service. In this holy state there is a profound knowing that we are all connected, and God by whatever name (or no name) is One.

There is an extraordinary shift in consciousness occurring on the planet. We invite you to connect with us in love, service and joy.

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