Board Members

Rev. Rhonda Lynn Schienle - Chair Person
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Weddings, Celebration of Life
Services Provided To: Community
Bio: Rev. Rhonda Schienle is the founder of Interfaith Ministry Services LLC and Spiritual Laws, Theories & Practices Discussion Groups. She is the Board Chair of World AWAKE since November, 2018 and a Board Director since April, 2017.
Affiliations: Interfaith
Education: American Institute of Holistic Theology (Ordained Interfaith Minister) - October 2nd, 2011 and Certificate of Ordination "OUnI" on October 2nd, 2011.

2004 - AIHT: Masters of Science, Holistic Ministries.
2001 - AIHT: Bachelor of Science, Metaphysics).

Rev. Rhonda has a 20+ year medical background as a Medical and Chiropractic Assistance. Cancer Care Ministry Training from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in 2014. She has done talks for Unity of Northwest Indiana as a guest speaker and has presented at conference for AWAIC.
Certifications: Medical & Nursing Assistant, Reiki and Massage Therapist.
World AWAKE - Board Chair
Association of Clinical Pastoral Education - Practitioner
Healthy Congregations Member
Spiritual Care Association Member
World AWAKE Involvement: World AWAKE Board Chair 2018 - Present, Conference Presenter 2016, Leadership Council, World AWAKE Board member 2017 - 2018, Director of Communication and Media
Business Location:
236 Southwind Dr.
Valparaiso, Indiana 46385, United States
Business Phone: (219) 771-1125
Cell Phone: (219) 771-1125
Rev. Toi D. Bartone - Secretary
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Energy Clearings, House Blessings, Blessing Ceremonies, Reiki, Pet memorial Services, etc.
Services Provided To: All groups
Bio: Bachelor Degree in Holistic Health from American Institute of Holistic Theology Masters Degree in Holistic Health from American Institute of Holistic Theology Ordained Minister from American Institute of Holistic Theology Reiki Master/Teacher
Affiliations: Interfaith Minister, however, I follow a more spiritual path rather than belonging to a specific religious group
Education: American Institute of Holistic Theology
Bachelor Degree in Holistic Health
Masters Degree in Holistic Health
Memberships: AWAIC
World AWAKE Involvement: Board Secretary, Newsletter Contributor 2016
Business Location: California, United States
Cell Phone: (661) 212-8022
Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb - Director of Outreach
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Creating/Performing personalized interfaith, intercultural weddings, baby blessings, memorials and house blessings internationally.
Spiritual, interfaith, grief and wellness counseling.
Meditation and energy healing.
Services also available virtually.
Services Provided To: People of all backgrounds and beliefs.
Interfaith/intercultural couples and families.
Those who have experienced loss.
Those who are at a cross roads.
Those seeking further connection with themselves and the Divine.
Those seeking spiritual direction.
Groups Provided To: Available for seminars, retreats, workshops and classes.
Bio: I am a licensed ordained interfaith minister since February of 1996, a graduate of two interfaith seminaries and an author of two pioneering books, Joining Hands and Hearts, Interfaith, Intercultural Wedding Celebrations and Bless This Child, A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Baby Blessing Ceremonies. My work has been featured on (but not limited to) CNN, MNSBC, ABC, NPR, TLC and in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, Pregnancy Magazine, Time Out NY and other media venues. Publishers Weekly dubbed my work "cutting edge". I have performed well over 2000 personalized ceremonies internationally. The results of which are often extraordinary. I provide spiritual, interfaith, relationship, wellness, grief and life counseling for people of all backgrounds and beliefs - and have helped many people navigate sensitive and challenging situations. An empath and an intuitive, I also offer energy healing for those who wish it. An orator and storyteller, I have conducted seminars, classes and workshops on various subjects, including The Art of Ceremony and Ritual, Weddings, Baby Blessings, Discovering Our Spiritual Next Steps, Finding Joy and Inner Peace, Let Your Soul Lead and The Art of Listening Within. I teach mediation and energy healing, and employ drawing and automatic writing as a path for authentic living, healing and transformation. An artist, my paintings have been exhibited at Union Theological Seminary, New York Open Center, Pace University and other spiritual and cultural centers.

My Story
A high powered marketing executive turned entrepreneur was not looking for God or religion. In a stressful, chaotic and competitive environment she simply wanted an everyday access to peace.

That woman was me.

I began that search over three decades ago by studying the universal and mystical teachings of the world’s religions. Over time my inner life became luminous. People noticed and asked me to share what I was doing. I began teaching meditation and energy healing, and pursued my loved of painting. I began exhibiting my paintings in galleries, cultural centers and universities.

Through a combination of mystical experiences and serendipitous events, I was led to The New Seminary and later to The All Faiths Seminary International. At the time, I felt no desire to become an ordained interfaith minister. The New Seminary’s president, Rabbi Gelberman’s message to me: "It will be revealed to you."

It took a leap of faith. I was following the signs.

At my ordination ceremony in February of 1996 at The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, the holy books of the world’s traditions were ceremoniously carried down the aisle and placed upon the altar. My paintings of four archangels flanked the altar. Two days after my ordination, I performed my first interfaith, intercultural wedding. People in attendance commented that it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever seen!

Looking back, it seems as if invisible hands set it all in motion. It all began through simple word of mouth. Then I was interviewed for a feature article in a magazine. This led to other articles, television, radio, podcasts and web features. What followed was my book, Joining Hands and Hearts, Interfaith, Intercultural Wedding Celebrations, A Practical Guide for Couples (Simon & Schuster). Later I wrote Bless This Child, A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Baby Blessing Ceremonies. Both books are pioneering - changing the way ceremony and ritual are done.

Employing my decades of experience with meditation and energy healing, I was able to completely cure myself of Crohn’s disease and cancer! I have helped many others do the same for themselves. Healing begins by listening. When we listen to our deepest selves, attuned to our souls, we tap into our inner knowing. From there comes clarity as to the best health modalities and course of action that work for us. Spiritual, mental, emotional blocks are released. Listening to the Source All Being - that which is within us yet greater than us - brings us back to wellness, to who we really are. In its purest essence, this energy is love.

People often ask me why I chose this work. It always puts a smile on my face. For the truth is, this work has chosen me - and I am eternally grateful.
Affiliations: Interfaith - Universalist - Non-denominational
Education: Brooklyn College
New Seminary International, MSC
All Faiths Seminary International, MDiv
Certifications: Licensed, Ordained Interfaith Minister from The New Seminary since February, 1996
Ordained Sufi Cheraga in the Order of Universal Worship
Minister of Spiritual Counseling, MSC
Masters of Divinity, MDiv, from All Faiths International Seminary
Memberships: World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy
World Awake
Daocloud Member
Business Location:
115 West 30th Street, Suite 408
New York, New York 10001, United States
Business Phone: (212) 663-1044
Rev. Cynthia McCarthy - Director of Social Media
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: I am an experienced guest speaker and lecturer. My sermons, classes, and workshops inspire spiritual growth and personal transformation. I am honored to provide spiritual counseling focused on personal, spiritual transformation. I also provide minister ceremonies including weddings, funeral/memorial services, baby blessing/naming ceremonies, etc.
Services Provided To: All
Groups Provided To: All
Bio: I believe in the Unity of all life, and I think it's important to honor all paths to God, the Universal Spirit, Source. I believe in learning from many Spiritual Masters, Prophets, and Religious Traditions. Spiritual Practice on a personal level is crucial, and that can be different for each individual.

I deliver guest sermons at various religious centers and churches, most often affiliated with New Thought or progressive Christian denominations. I've even taught small group classes in people's homes! I also facilitate workshops and book studies on a range of topics that encourage personal transformation through practical application of spiritual strategies.

As part of my interfaith ministry, I own a company that makes laser engraved, hand crafted products that uplift, unite and inspire. I write for the Spirit on the Spot Blog on the same website.
Affiliations: Primarily Christian, New Thought, Interfaith
Education: American Institute of Holistic Theology - M.A. Holistic Theology, Ordained Interfaith Minister 2015
Sierra Nevada College - Elementary Education Licensure 2009
University of Nevada - B.A. Political Science 1995
Certifications: Center for Spiritual Living Courses:
Foundations, Self Mastery, Living As Love
Memberships: World AWAKE
Business Location: Rome, Georgia 30165, United States
Business Phone: (775) 376-0678
Rev. Teal L. Gray, N. D. - Director
Clergy Fellow
Bio: Teal L. Gray Rev., N.D. is a minister, writer, artist, radio host and sacred site traveler, with gifts of intuition.
Author of Shades of Angels available on Amazon Author page:
Pursuing a Degree in Counseling and Healing, Eco-Art Therapy Certification, Graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology Doctor of Naturology, N.D. and Theological Studies leading to Ordainment as a Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister 2011, Staff/ Associate Minister - American Interfaith Holistic Temple Member, Owner/CEO - Teal Gray Worldwide, Columnist - Dallas Entertainment Journal, Writer/Contributor - FAB Dallas Magazine
Affiliations: Interfaith Minister
Education: Ordainment as a Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister 2011
American Institute of Holistic Theology Doctor of Naturology, N.D. and Theological Studies
Memberships: World AWAKE
World AWAKE Involvement: Board Member 2017 - Present, Director of Membership
Business Location:
4716 E University Dr
Denton, Texas 76208, United States
Business Phone: (940) 799-1416
Rev. Linda M. Rhinehart Neas, M. Ed. - Director
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Milestone Rituals and blessings (weddings, funerals, baby blessings, etc.), guest speaker/lecturer on interfaith/interspirituality, pulpit supply
Groups Provided To: All people
Bio: Rev. Linda M. Rhinehart Neas lives in Western Massachusetts. She teaches English to immigrants and refugees, as well as poetry and writing. She has several books of poetry as well as articles and blog posts on various aspects of religion, spirituality and life. Recently, her post-graduate studies have included, World Religions through Their Scriptures, and Religion, Conflict and Peace, both given by Harvard Divinity School. Rev. Neas is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, as well as a certified Wisdom Teacher. She maintains a ministry "without walls" online at:
Affiliations: World AWAKE, Inc.
Interfaith Ministers of New England
Franklin County Interfaith Council
Education: The New Seminary
Continuing Education with Harvard Divinity School through EDx
World AWAKE Involvement: Leadership Council 2016
Conference Presenter 2016, 2017
Newsletter Contributing Writer
Awakening Spirit Blog Writer
Board 2018 to present, Director of Spiritual Inspiration
Business Location: South Deerfield, Massachusetts 01373, United States
Business Phone: (413) 539-0577
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