World AWAKE Code of Ethics

World AWAKE, Inc. Code of Ethics and Grievances protocol

World AWAKE seeks to promote integrity within the practices of Interfaith Ministers, Clergy, Spiritual Care Professionals, respective students, those who are established reciprocal partners and in collaboration with our organization.

We dedicate ourselves to excellence in the performance of our professional service and to living in a way, which respects the fundamental dignity and worth of all people.

World AWAKE has established this code of ethics and grievances protocol bound by the following precepts below:

  • We adhere to the laws within our respective city, state, province or country. This includes each member or non-member's scope of practice.
  • We commit to cultivating inclusivity and practicing non-discrimination in our service to others: We agree not to discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, color, gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, economic status, mental, or physical ability.
  • We agree and commit ourselves as members of World AWAKE to ongoing continuing education as it relates to the changes within our scope of practice and profession. This can include, but not limited, to online classes, workshops or conferences.
  • We commit to cultivating and maintaining healthy physical and emotional boundaries in our professional relationships.
  • We commit to living the values of compassion, tolerance, respect, and open-mindedness: As we are affiliated with various interfaith organizations that includes all religions and belief systems in its embrace of spirituality, we agree to live by this vision of inclusiveness, excluding no person or group from our own concept of spirituality.
  • We commit to creating safe and sacred space for growth and healing by maintaining confidentiality: We acknowledge the sacred relationship that exists between a spiritual counselor and a client, between a minister and the community served and spiritual practitioners and their clients served.
  • We commit to cultivating clarity of mind and understanding, and refraining from misuse of intoxicating/ mind-altering substances.
  • We commit to respecting our need for ongoing professional guidance and support and to availing ourselves of supervision: We acknowledge the need for supervision and guidance beyond our years of study, as situations may arise in our own ministries, spiritual profession and or counseling practices that challenge our personal judgment and go beyond our professional abilities. Because of this, we agree to have a supervisor we can call upon to advise us in these circumstances.
  • We commit to ongoing spiritual growth and deepening of our understanding and practice: As ministers, spiritual counselors and spiritual professionals, we agree to continue our spiritual practice in order to deepen our connection to our Divine Source and to each other.
  • We commit to the reporting of any abuse or ethical violations, with the intention of promoting healing for those involved: We agree not to interfere in the personal affairs of World AWAKE members unless we feel someone is placed in danger or that the ethical standards of the World AWAKE have been severely compromised. In such a case, we agree to report the incident to proper authorities.
  • All incidents that require reporting to World AWAKE, Inc. will be done in writing by all parties involved. If incidents are written to the Board Chair, the same protocols apply if abuse or circumstance is of a severe nature will be reported to the proper authorities. If incident is of an ethical or grievance nature, then the "Grievances Procedure for Ethical Concerns or Violations of the Code of Ethics" will take precedence.
  1. We agree that matters that are of a violent nature to persons or property must be reported to the local proper authorities.
  2. We believe that it is best, whenever possible, for difficulties that arise between individuals/members to be addressed directly by the individuals involved, as lovingly, professionally and responsibly as possible. This does not apply to one's personal life matters. This does apply to members and situations which involve World AWAKE, Inc.
    • If unresolved, we encourage the parties to seek an unbiased mediation or facilitation to assist in the matter at hand.
    • If still not resolved through mediation then the next step will include inquiry to our Board of Directors.
    • This will require all grievances in writing, which will include what the unbiased mediation or facilitations concluded.
  3. All grievances or concerns will be presented in writing by party(s) involved.
  4. All grievances will be in writing with supporting information such as, but not limited to, witnesses, times, dates and details.
  5. All grievances and concerns will be done in a professional manner that will include review of written grievance, mediation and facilitation that may involve but not limited to Board of Directors, Leadership Council and other intermediaries that will assist in finding resolve and healing.
  6. If the World AWAKE Board of Directors find one has violated the code of ethics, after going through this protocol, then World AWAKE, Inc. has the right to refuse membership and remove that member(s) from the organization after a majority vote (A quorum vote from the board of directors).
  7. If any event, circumstance or situation presents itself but not limited to the following as a violent nature, bullying, cruel demeanor or stealing monies within the organization may be automatic grounds for revoking one's membership immediately by a quorum vote from the Board of Directors. This includes precluding one of renewing their membership to World Awake, Inc. This will be written from the Board of Directors, as a quorum and submitted to the current Board Secretary

We here at World AWAKE, Inc. once again remind all our members, non-members and business affiliates to work toward the greater good of all involved. This is to honor our founder's mantra of "building bridges to a peaceful world community."

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