Leadership Council


World AWAKE, Inc. Leadership Council comprises of members who serve as volunteers. They are wonderful spirit led individuals who wish to participate in supporting and advancing this organization to best serve its members, communities and other reciprocal partners.

The Leadership Council listens to our fellow Interfaith Ministers, Spiritual Care Professionals, communities and other spiritual seekers to provide recommendations to the Board of Directors for further review.

This review is done first by submitting and reporting all ideas and proposals in writing to the Board Chair and then to the full Board of Directors for review.

Each Leadership Council member is appointed and approved by the World AWAKE, Inc Board of Directors. In addition, the Leadership Council and The Board Chair will hold meetings at minimum once a quarter per calendar year.


The mission of the Leadership council is to be the bridge and support between World AWAKE, Inc. and our Members, Interfaith Clergy, Spiritual Care Professionals, communities, spiritual seekers and other spiritual organizations.


  • Seek programs and services to benefit the World AWAKE membership
  • Determine ways to connect the global interfaith community at large
  • Explore personal and professional development ideas for World AWAKE, Inc. and its members.
  • Participate in creating safe, shared sacred space for heart-centered conversations
  • Determine the pulse of the communities of what is needed with respect to continuing education and online class subjects
  • Explore the vision of possibilities


  • Connect World AWAKE with our communities by sharing our inclusive social media platforms and signing up for our Newsletters for current events and online classes/webinars.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of issues among Interfaith Ministers, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Care Professionals, Interfaith seminary students, and all private citizens aligned with the Interfaith values, principles of inclusion, acceptance, understanding, and compassion.
  • Promote a sense of community among Interfaith Ministers, Spiritual Leaders, and Spiritual Care Professionals through the creation and/or recognition of regional and specialty subgroups as they develop.
  • Identify professional standards and requirements of knowledge, ethics, and skill competencies for Interfaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals as they evolve in their respective fields. Once identified, present to the Board of Directors for further evaluation and implementation.
  • Foster opportunities for professional development among Interfaith Ministers, Spiritual Leaders and Spiritual Care Professionals through events and communications media that encourage and provide information that continually builds their knowledge and skills.
  • Communicate to the media and general public Interfaith philosophy and teachings designed to inspire greater spiritual growth among the peoples of the world.
  • Promote the creation and existence, cultivation of bridges of peace and understanding among the world’s religious and spiritual communities.

Effective: April 15th, 2019

Rev. Judith Daughn Andrade, RN, DD, RBFP
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Wedding, Baptism, Naming, End of Life Services
Palliative Care Services
Services Provided To: Clients in Perinatal Loss
Families facing mental and physical health Crises
Groups Provided To: Hearth Sanctuary
Bio: Registered Nurse
Lactation consultant
Ordained Spiritual Minister SHES
Interfaith Minister (AIHT)
Education: Registered Nurse
Ordained Interfaith Minister
Certifications: Spirit eXpress Program
Memberships: Lead Minister of SHESCan Inc.
RN Consultant to Pathways Elder Care
Owner Discover The Path
Business Location:
3 Dunning Dr.
Alliston, Ontario L9R0B3, Canada
Business Phone: (416) 456-3332
James A. Brilmyer
Spiritual Care Professional
Services Offered: I would like to see Out and About in every community world wide. Services offered as support, listening, guiding with resources.
Services Provided To: LGBTQ community
Groups Provided To: All LGBTQ
Bio: Out and About is dedicated to creating a safe place for all LGBT and family and friends. We value relationship and community. If you have a group event like going to dinner or a show and you would like others of the community to join post it on here. Jim Brilmyer is the founder of the group and spends much of his time creating new gay friendly contacts in the community. Together we are building a stronger support group. All are welcome. We have many various supporter to assist in your coming out process and for your special needs deailing with LGBT issues and personal issues. Join us today and enjoy the journey of living a life of Peace!
Education: Various Unity classes
Spiritual Education
Memberships: Unity of Northwest Indiana
Business Location: Highland, Indiana 46322, United States
Business Phone: (219) 776-3124
Cell Phone: (219) 776-3124
Rose Mary Fier, RMT, RM
Spiritual Care Professional
Services Offered: Reiki services and class, CBD Wellness Education and palliative care training, Laughter Yoga classes and leadership training, Munya Ki Rites ceremony & training,Weddings, Funerals, Motivational talks, Law of Attraction classes, Ho'oponopono classes,Stress Management, Deeksha Blessings, Shamanic/Spiritual Healing, PTSD Healing, Drum Circles. Healing Circles, LGBTQ support for family and individuals
Services Provided To: All ages, all welcome
Groups Provided To: Veterans, LGBTQ and other various groups desiring servies.
Bio: Rose is an intuitive empath. A strong spiritual leader in the LGBTQ commUnity. Her own deep healing lead her to study many modalities. Even after becoming a Reiki Master Teacher She knew there was more for her. The Universe lead her to a Native American Leader- Singing Man Michael Toathy who very early on knew she was a two spirit and he spiritually adopted her as his granddaughter/grandson. He educated them and taught them the importance of the role they had as both female and male. Teaching Rose that in the Native American culture TWO SPIRITS are often sought out as healers/counselors/match makers of the tribe. Rose works with the youth, and their families helping many transgenders in walking a balanced life, and assisting parents and siblings with the adjustment and acceptance to support their loved ones in the journey. Rose thru her journey learned to identify with the THEY pronoun instead of just she or he. When reflecting back Rose recalls always referring to herself as WE when young. Thru the vision quests and learning to run sweat lodges Rose's spiritual gifts increased. Rose's connection to animals and ancestors deepened. Grandfather Singing Man continued to work with Rose to learn the importance of serving as a spiritual counselor to the commUnity. Rose learned how to create and perform many ceremonies and learned the importance of sacred rites. Rose became a student of the Munya Ki Rites. To this day Rose continues to study with the University of Sedona and other various seminars to increase their education and wisdom to empower others with light and love. Rose learning to embrace the balance of both male and female within themself has enabled them to become a very highly sought shamanic/spiritual counselor helping many married couples restore balance in their relationships. Rose continues to serve the commUnity with great purpose as a whole and compassionate TWO SPIRIT with great gratitude, bringing balance, hope, love, light to all they (Rose) work with. Rose's HADO -(Vibration) is said to be a blissful, compassionate being of LOVE and LIGHT.
Education: Graduated High School in 1982, Continuing Education Currently with University of Sedona. Many various professional healing training seminars.
Certifications: Deeksha Blessing Giver - (Oneness Blessings)
Laughter Yoga Teacher
Reiki Master Teacher of Usui Reiki, Celtic Reiki and more
Law of Attraction Practitioner
Palliative Care Provider
Cannabis Therapeutics in Hospice and Palliative Care Practitioner
Core Knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System Practitioner
Both certs. by: The Medical Cannabis Institute
Memberships: A.H.H.A - American Holistic Health Assocaiton
Realm of Caring - The ROC
World Meta - World Metaphysical Academy
World AWAKE Involvement: I support the message of LOVE and Healing World Awake stands for and I look forward to finding my purpose and role within this healing,compassionate organization
Business Location:
8242 Calumet Ave., Unit D
Munster, Indiana 46321, United States
Business Phone: (219) 951-7167
Cell Phone: (219) 951-7167
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